5 successful working Mothers share their views regarding work-life balance  

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The most appreciated job in the world is being a Mother and time and again it has been proved that there’s no greater achievement than a woman raising a child and having a job as well. Along with being soft-hearted but strict enough to guide you through your life, a woman does it all. While one can’t measure the amount of work they put into reforming lives, they are indeed an inspiration for us. Few among the many angels chose to share their love for their work life and how it brings the best in them as a mother. 


Mothers that touched the horizon doing what many aspire to do:


Shruti Ajmera Reddy, the founder of Hapup has extensive knowledge about the market. The organisation produces chemical-free health and baby foods with non-preservatives, and foods with no added sugar or salt. Shruti started out waiting to provide babies with better nutrition and protein, and her holistics approach and pure intention paid off. Shruti was soon enough running a full-time business that made people’s lives easier. When asked about her future plan, Reddy said, “While I started working to contribute to the society by solving a very discreet problem that working parents face, I realised the parental crisis and stepped up and acted on the problem.” Dedicated to doing something for others, Shruti indeed became one of the most admired mompreneurs. 


Teal & Tea is built around revenue of Rs. 2.24 crores that only started with an investment of Rs. 7.5 lacs and all this was possible because of the able guidance of Upma Kapoor, who is the founder of the brand. She is a single mother who derives her positive strength from her son and started Teal & Tea with an aim to provide all-natural cosmetics products. Ms. Kapoor expressed her views, “When I lost my parents to an accident, they left a void in my life, that day I decided if I ever had children of my own I would never leave their side. My parents were my strength and I was theirs, and this is what I try to imply into my life.” Upma had a tough life which constantly drove her towards aiming for a successful life and today, she is an inspiration for the entire generation.


Prianka started making handcrafting items when she was pregnant and had a lot of time to bring out her acrylics and paints to design sarees. The occupation soon became a big company when Prianka’s sarees were put on online sale. Prianka is a mompreneur who was supported and appreciated all the time and regarding the same, she said, “What many think stops a woman from being independent is the biggest reason I am successful today. When I was pregnant, people used to tell me to just sit around and wait for the birth, which was unacceptable. I always knew I had a knack for designing and crafting which made me a successful entrepreneur like any other man.” Prianka has a full-time website- Chitran, through which she sells her designer clothes. 


The 62-year-old entrepreneur had a brilliant business idea when people started demanding more of her pickles. Suman started customising her pickles with olives, carrots, mango, etc and quickly started making a living out of it. Talking about her journey, she stated, “When people started loving my achar so much, I turned it into a business which made me proud. My daughters Shweta and Sunakshi were my companions throughout my journey and they even convinced me to give my business the shape of a brand. All this is also possible because of my grandmother who taught me the secret behind making delicious pickles.”


Shilpi’s trade is to sell traditional handwoven outfits for people of age between zero to five. She along with her best friend, Satya Nagarajan, co-founded- Indie Project Store (IPS). In 2015, Shilpi tried to fit into the new role of being a new mother and a working wife and it all started one fortunate day when she was shopping for clothes for her toddler. Describing the moment of epiphany, she stated, “While I went for my baby child’s clothes, I faced a lot of issues with the baby clothes that were available. The fabric was harsh, the quality was low, and everything was very expensive and this is when I decided to start a new baby store that would cater to everything that a parent looks out for.” 


On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, we celebrate each mother who has always put the needs of her children and family before their own. Thank you for proving to the world that being a mother doesn’t have to mean the end of a woman’s purpose in life. 

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