5 Photography tips that will help you to capture the most beautiful moments


What comes to your mind when you hear the term photography, the very first things people visualise are expensive cameras and other equipment. But in recent times it has been seen that usage of mobile phones for clicking pictures is very prevalent. Whether it is your phone or an expensive camera you just need to know the right technique to capture good photos. But to convey the message successfully, all you need to know is some technical tips for photography. So to enhance your photography skills, we have listed a few professional tips and tricks to level up your photography skills. Which will eventually improve your photogenic abilities.   


  1. Set your Camera focus on the subject

Whether we talk about phone cameras or digital cameras, both have the feature of automatic focus. You just have to figure out the frame and tap on the screen of your phone camera or the viewfinder of your camera. Focus on the subject plays an important role in your picture because it provides depth and clarity to the picture. 


  1. Play with Reflections

Everyone clicks photographs with different perception and technique. Use reflection as a tool to catch the viewer’s eye. Reflections or shadows can play a key role in your photograph. You just have to figure out that your frame has these elements. You simply have to admire and learn more about what you’re photographing. Commonly golden hour light is considered one of the best for all kinds of classification. You can create a warm and peaceful glow in your photos.


  1. Use Leading Lines

Leading lines are most common yet mentioned in every principle of photography. Without them, the subject looks lost. You can see random patterns all around the world and to portray them in a photograph is your specialty. Stairs, Bridges, big buildings if you will notice everything is in a different pattern. So next time you try to click a picture add leading lines in your frame.  


  1. Play with Colours

Playing with colours can be proved as the coolest thing in your picture. People think Black and white pictures are so outdated, but they are not. You can click a picture in black and white and touch one of your favourite elements in your picture and again fill it with colours. This is called colour blocking this can help to highlight the element.


  1. Experiment with Lighting

In any photograph, lighting plays a major part in the photograph. For example soft light is generally the best light, cloud light hits differently and that can work as well. Every time of the day has different light intensity, morning light is usually known as soft light and at noon after five starts the golden hour which is the favourite hour of any photographer.



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