5 best apps to learn English for students who want to set their foot abroad

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Education plays an important role not only in your life but also elevates your career opportunities. Are you someone who wants to pursue graduation and Postgraduation from abroad but worried about your English.? There are times when you fumble while speaking English and want to enhance your vocabulary and fluency. Then, there are several options online to learn English or other languages. The number of Indian students who want to pursue their higher education has been increasing steadily over the past years. The most preferred destinations for Indian students are the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. 

Apps are a great tool for learning English as they are quick, easy to access, and fun. It’s like having a mini classroom on your phone doesn’t restrict you to learning in the classroom only, you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

Here we have listed the top 5 English learning apps from which you can upgrade your language.

1. Duolingo 

This is the best all-rounder app, you’ve heard of the world’s most popular language app. Few people know that 34 hours of Duolingo is equal to one university session of language. One of the most important reasons for its popularity is the leaderboard challenge, it’s a feature in which you compete against other real players, it just feels like you are playing a game. You unlock the level and win virtually but at the end of this, you are able to collect new vocabulary and grammatical formations.  

 2. Quiz your English

If you’re preparing for an exam like TOEFL, ILETS, and GRE. This is the most recommended app for exam preparation. This application is designed by Cambridge Assessment English and there are levels that are respectively for the Cambridge B2 First and IELTS. If you are preparing for the Cambridge exam, it is approaching. Learning is like playing on this app. recommend this app to your friends and family who are preparing for exams.  

 3. The British Council 

 This application is best for learning grammar. If you prefer to master British English. This app was launched by the British council and has lessons and a variety of games. It covers a plethora of topics and covers all possible chapters that will enhance your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. It Starts with beginner-level Imperatives, Simple Present, and Gerunds, all the way up to advanced lessons on Modal Verbs of Obligation and Necessity. Once you finish one chapter click ’test’ to check your progress and see how much you’ve improved.

4. 6,000 Words 

 When it comes to expanding your knowledge of vocabulary, This is the finest application to enhance your knowledge of vocabulary. This app is specially designed for fun and easy learning. The app has an enormous 6000 linguistic items which are classified into various themes. The themes involve Sport and Food but according to the sub-topics which are as specific as hockey, dentistry, rocks, and internal organs so the vocabulary you’ll learn is actually quite newfangled.

5. Beelingu 

 If you are inclined towards story-telling then this application is best for you. This app is outstanding for practising and reading. It is smartly designed to tell a story in two different languages alternatively. Firstly it checks your reading and speaking abilities of English, then the app recommends you choose your preferred language. This app has lots of interesting content to choose from children’s classics and popular tales to lessons on science and technology. 

Learning English just got interesting right! So what’s stopping you from downloading these fun learning apps? You are just one step away to fulfil your dream of pursuing an education or doing a job abroad.


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