Sunday Binge Watch: Top 8 ‘Made-at-home’ short films

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People have been unable to leave their homes and enjoy the world of theatres since March when the entire planet was placed on lockdown due to an ongoing pandemic. As a result, the popularity of short films on many platforms has grown. With the passage of time, all actors are generating content from their homes with the smallest team possible, while maintaining all social distancing and sanitization precautions.

To appreciate their work, below are the must-watch short film made at home:

1.A viral wedding on Eros Now 

 The show comprises of 8 episodes, which follows a journey of a bride who was supposed to get married in three weeks but all the plans were abandoned due to the sudden lockdown. But the bride comes up with a new idea of the virtual wedding as it is going to be the new normal in the future. The show is beautifully scripted and directed by Shreya Dhanwanthary, who has tried to convey a message related to COVID, which is in need of an hour.


 2. Banana Bread (TTT) on YouTube

It’s a funny tale about love and loneliness during the distancing of how two neighbours try to strike friendship during this time with the fear of coronavirus, which can be felt throughout the film. The film cast real-life couple Rasika Dugal and Mukul Chadda in the direction of Srinivas Sunderajan.
3. Lockdown Diaries on YouTube

Since the lockdown, we have been at our home and our routine is a pause. Due to which our minds are filled with negative thoughts and a lot of mental issues can be seen in people. This film tells about the positive side of the lockdown when the whole world is pointing the negative out of it. It is a must-watch film which will give you some positive vibes and some new hopes. Kudos! to the writer and director


4. Home Stories (Netflix India) on YouTube

Home stories is a show casting known faces of Youtube, a collab of for different mini-movies. The four different movies shot during lockdown following social distancing norms. The show comprises of a man who wants to step out during lockdown, a couple whose one-night stand changes into life in, a lockdown wedding and a delivery executive during the lockdown. The four different stories will make your belly hurt.


5. Half of my heart (TTT) on YouTube

A short film is featuring singers, Arjun Kanungo and You tuber, Sejal Kumar. A sweet romantic tale about a couple whose misunderstanding becomes the biggest fight. The girl leaves her house and stay’s at her friend’s place. Then an unexpected nationwide lockdown is imposed and half of the things are there with him and half of his misplaced.

6. Metro park Quarantine on Eros Now

In the second season of Metro Park,  a quarantine special series was made during the lockdown. Earlier the season 1 was made under normal circumstances. But, being so many restrictions during lockdown the show has come up quite well and is fun watching.

7. Locked in Love on Hungama Play

This series has five different love stories, telling about the different perspectives and sides of love. It is a truly amazing effort from the director. The series was shot in one house. It features Rohit Bose Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy in the lead roles.

8. The Relationship Manager on YouTube

The film is starring known faces Divya Dutta and Anup Soni. The film is different from other films, as this film sends out a strong message about domestic violence. How a relationship manager serves his customers telephonically happily. On the contrary, she mistreats her wife during the lockdown.

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