G. Mehul Krishna Kumar’s “Lucid Dreams” marks his entry in class of bestsellers

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Getting a book published these days is certainly not a big thing however writing one does take a lot more. Coming from a remote territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, G. Mehul Krishna Kumar’s debut in the field of writing is an inspiration for many. His debutant novella titled “LUCID DREAMS- Let’s Redefine Love” has been a bestseller since its very launch. As the title speaks for itself the fiction revolves around the term love and there is no denying the fact that the youths are more interested in unlocking the mystery of love. The story tries to define love in a new outlook that involves the emotions of friends, family, and of course the love birds without whom there is never a tale of love. The author has succeeded in doing so which is commendable.

As a small-town boy, G. Mehul Krishna too was skeptical about the potentials engraved in him. The journey of a backbencher from the notorious days of school to the elite life of a research scholar and now a bestselling author is an inspiration to many out there who believes in their capabilities. He might not be a struggling writer but he is indeed a surviving writer.

A quick catch-up with the authopreneur revealed the enthusiasm he has for his passion. For him, writing was only the beginning of a long journey he was about to undertake. Months after completing the first draft of his manuscript, here he is enjoying the success of being a bestseller. This may sound simple but Mehul says, “Writing a story is merely the beginning of the journey of a writer, it is only your passion that will drive you through the atrocity of time.”

The overwhelming response received by the readers resulted in delivering a bestseller. The freshness of the words and the ability of the reader to identify with what is narrated by a writer is almost mysticism, magic, but above all, it’s the talent that matters the most. Mehul as a writer in his debut novella itself has permeated the souls of young and old with fresh lyrics that speak about relationships, emotions and embarks on a journey from being a failure to success with utmost support of family in rescuing the value of love.

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