R&D unit, Tech Mahindra uses AI in researching drugs for COVID

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IT organization Tech Mahindra is currently documenting a patent, alongside Reagene Biosciences, for a drug molecule that can conceivably fight Covid, as per a senior organization official.

“Testimony of a strong synergy amongst academia, businesses and independent researchers to fight a global pandemic, Tech Mahindra is also collaborating with a renowned bio-scientist ( Uday Saxena) for plausible therapeutic drugs and research laboratories for synthesizing and testing these compounds,” a statement said.

Tech Mahindra Global Head (Makers Lab) Nikhil Malhotra told that the organization alongside its accomplice is applying for licensing on which further testing will be finished.

“We have found a molecule that can potentially attack coronavirus. We have applied for a joint patent and cannot reveal the name of the molecule unless the patent process is completed,” Malhotra said.

Markers Lab is the research and development arm of Tech Mahindra.

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences are in the research process. Markers Lab began the computational demonstrating analysis of the coronavirus. In view of computational docking and modelling studies, Tech Mahindra and its accomplice shortlisted 10 drug molecules from a list of 8,000 FDA-endorsed drugs.

“We used technology to filter these 10 drugs. These were tested with our partners in Bengaluru. Then they were brought down to three.

“Then, we created a 3D lung where we tested and found one molecule work as per our research. We have done computational analysis and our partners have done clinical analysis,” Malhotra said.

He further said the exploration is likewise to prepare innovation for future medication revelation by utilizing computational advancements.

There are a few medications under preliminary and worldover, individuals are currently reliant just on antibodies for keeping themselves from deadly coronavirus.

As indicated, India presently has more than 98,000 dynamic cases including daily casualties that crossed 3,600 on April 29.

The Indian government has permitted utilization of medications like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab, contingent upon the seriousness of Covid disease in the patient.

Individuals have been posting online about the deficiency of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab in the country.

The deficiency of Tocilizumab can be surveyed from the fact that the centre could give just 150 dosages of Tocilizumab injection to the thickly populated territory of Uttar Pradesh.

Malhotra said that Makers Lab platform, which utilizes artificial intelligence and other computational innovation, is reducing time for the revelation of medications.

As part of the TechMNxt charter, Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab is focused on developing future-ready solution by leveraging next-gen technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and 5G.




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