The 7 iconic moments recreated, that made fans overwhelmed: FRIENDS Reunion

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On May 27, the long-awaited FRIENDS reunion will premiere on HBO Max. Fans all over the world are anticipating a lot from the reunion episode, given the high level of anticipation. The producers are releasing some tantalising previews of the episode, which is piqueing fans’ interest.

In the recently launched trailer is full of laughter, fun and emotions. Seeing all the 6 iconic characters once again makes our heart overwhelmed. The highlight of the trailer was how some of the iconic moments were recreated on the special reunion episode.

When the trailer first aired, it seemed like a trip back to the 1990s. The 7 recreated moments from the FRIENDS reunion that will transport you back to Central Perk and Joey and Monica’s apartment are listed below.

The iconic Fountain was brought back on the reunion

Phoebe recreated a scene from ‘One Where Everybody Finds Out’, the reaction she gives “My Eyes,My Eyes”

The Warm Group Hug

Joey and Chandler relaxing on the Rosita

Janice’s OH MY GOD

The Eighteen Pages- ‘Front & Back’ the moment recreated

Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe Gonna Sing ‘Smelly Cat’!

Here are the 7 most memorable moments that transported us back in time and made our hearts race. Fans are ecstatic and can’t wait for May 27th. This trailer has reawakened a lot of anticipation. Unfortunately, HBO Max is not available in India, but we hope that the creators will soon release it on other platforms. So, stay tuned until then!

Watch the trailer:

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