Sushil Tiwari Hindustani aims at nation building with his leadership quality

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Youth development is a mechanism that helps a young person prepare for the challenges of puberty and adulthood while allowing people to reach their full potential. Youth leadership is an important aspect of the youth development process and one among them is Sushil Tiwari, an Indian Philanthropist and actor in short films.

Sushil, has been active and associated with the RSS organisation since his elementary school days and got inspired when he was appointed as leader. Since then, serving his country and government was his major goal in life. So, he founded an organisation ‘Youth Nation Building’ with an aim to help people in society and for the same, he got support in large numbers.

The aim of his organisation is to assist the needful people. And he also wants the younger generation to stay away from drugs and devote their lives to serve the underprivileged people of the society.

Making a statement on the same Sushils says, “I’d like to ask all of my young colleagues to clean up the wrong mindset left behind by people in their neighbourhood and to assist the needy in whatever way they can, and to donate more blood so that everyone’s life can be saved. “

Following up on his dreams, many youths have got inspired and have been doing social service work in their respective communities. He has also been praised by many celebrities like Navjot Singh Sidhu and has been awarded by MP, Manoj Tiwari for making a documentary on Drugs. And for the same, he was praised by The Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh for awakening the youth and standing against such strong causes.

Though he belongs to a poor family, his helpful nature has been from his school days, for which he was rewarded as ‘Best Helpful.’ He has been very active because of which he has met many known personalities like Harbhajan Singh, Khali and many more in his early days making him a public figure now.
Still, Sushil does not make a big profit, but his top priority is to assist the public and the needy. Along with it, he assists the public to reach out to the government policies that are sent by the government in his region.

For him, serving the nation and helping the people effortlessly day and night is his true identity.



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