Surjith Balan, Branding Expert, “Future of Branding is Personal, Perusal, Political & Professional”


Surjith Balan is one of the recognized ‘Branding Expert’ from the South of  India who has done many noted national campaigns. He has worked with top brands & personalities in his journey as an entrepreneur.  

Media personality Drowpadi Thampi interviewed the emerging Branding entrepreneur, Surjith Balan regarding the possibilities of the Branding Industry. 

1. Political Strategists like Prashanth Kishore have been hugely successful and there are reports of a 2024 campaign? How do you, as a Brand Custodian and Strategist see the next 3 years? 

Professional consultants never quit or vanish. With multiple stakes in both general elections for parliament and assembly elections around the year, the professional consultants help to develop multi-discipline strategies for political parties.  

I see opportunities as a keen observer and professional strategic planning consultant with no ideological slavery with any party in India with multi-cultural / linguistic states and union territories with different requirements and challenges. Next three years, the vision is to plan, execute and win elections with traditional and non-traditional on and off the ground campaigns and voters contacts which remains strategies along with all connected social media campaign. 

2. What are the possibilities of a paradigm shift in the socio-political narrative, will the backward communities, Dalits, minorities get a fair share in Indian politics? 

Since independence, in general elections to parliament, no ruling party or group received the majority of votes (over 50% of the share of votes polled) and it is the only the majority of seats that they won. It’s therefore evident that there’s always an opportunity for groups of minor parties to get together to form a government. Every seat and every number count in case of opportunities and it’s the best way for the still marginalized communities like backward, Dalit, minorities, and working-class get a fair share in lawmaking and policy formulation. 

3. Apart from being a socio-political analyst and strategist for various formations, what are your political beliefs, and is there a clash between what you believe in and what you do? 

I am a professional political strategist who carries no baggage to any partisan politics. Our team wants to inspire accountability, good governance, more youngsters into the election. We believe in working with all for the welfare of all.  

What we do is professionalize party structure, harmonize social communication and give inputs of innovative ideas which will be good for people without any bias. 

4. Is there a pan India challenge for PM Modi? Is it not the biggest shortcoming of those who want to challenge it? 

Challenges are emerging with TMC in WB, LDF in Kerala, and DMK in TN winning the assembly elections, indicating the anti-incumbency building slowly but strongly against the center and  ‘Modi Sarkar’. Building a strong narrative and anti-incumbency through connecting together the oppressed and side-lined groups through various platforms is crucial to challenge him. With  Congress weakened further in the South too, small parties are becoming a force as major political parties to address new and emerging issues they haven’t previously addressed very much. This question should be addressed separately with a detailed analysis. 

5. As a person from Kerala, who has been working in the national arena, What is your take on the current Lakshadweep issue? Where do you stand? 

It looks like intends to destroy the cultural heritage and long-standing connection it enjoys with the state of Kerala. May destroy the hitherto mutual growth enjoyed by the state of Kerala and  Lakshadweep. But it may unite both people politically and may reflect in coming elections. Every space needs development, but that development should be pro-people.  

6. Are you ideology neutral like Prashant Kishore. Are you willing to work with various parties beyond ideology? And How do you plan to propel your campaigns in various states? 

We’re a bunch of professionals with no baggage following and having a strong team working with multi-dimensional skill sets – observe every minute dynamics of ever-changing political/social climate. Understand every part of the states at stake, go in depths – get into even the last details to build narrative and paradigm to suit our requirements. It is important to have more professionals in Indian politics who are focused on the development and well-being of all.

Interviewed person: Branding Expert Surjith Balan

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