Sudhanshu Verma aka ‘thedopeboyyyy’ garners appreciation worldwide for his unique content

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A dreamer is at the heart of every great dream. Always note that if you have the courage, patience, and desire to reach for the stars, then the world within you can be changed. Sudhanshu Verma, a budding creative influencer is passionate about his dream and has been inspiring people with his style.

Hailing from Delhi he is currently pursuing his graduation at Delhi University’s Dyal Singh College. He started making content in the same field because he was passionate about fashion and styling, and he hasn’t looked back since

Despite his hectic schedule, he never neglected his studies or his passion; the two were inextricably linked. In the fields of men’s wear, clothing, fitness, and technology, he has worked with over 100 international and national brands.

“I have consistently been slanted towards fashion & styling & I saw today’s youth are really obsessed over it. So thought, why not showcase my talent & interest over a social media platform in a unique & attractive way & get paid for it, “ says Sudhanshu while talking about his inspiration.

Currently, he has 50.4K Instagram followers and receives a lot of positive feedback on other digital platforms. Sudhanshu believes that as social media grows in popularity, many companies and brands will move their advertising to an online platform, generating a lot of competition for online marketing. And these days, almost every organisation wants to be successful on social media, and many people want to be social media influencers.

He is not only passionate about creating content but also wants to study further in order to become a well-known fashion influencer with unstoppable development. His singular emphasis on fashion, technology, and health sets him apart from others. He also gives honest feedback on various brands and products.

Because of his excellent fashion sense, he was asked to judge a Fashion Show at Shiv Nadar University. At the prestigious ” The Great Indian Visionaries Awards 2020″ award ceremony in 2020, he was named ” Creative Influencer Of The Year.” He has also been named the WIBA 2021 Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer of the Year.

When asked about his niche target audience, he said that the target audience for a fashion & lifestyle influencer is everyone who enjoys fashion, which he believes is anyone all over the world. According to statistics, 85% of his fans are from India, and the rest are from Pakistan, where he has a sizable fan base.

For the upcoming influencers, he gave some great advice. He suggested that you plan out what you are trying to achieve as a blogger/ Influencer, identify and know your audience. Lastly, create good quality content with the latest fashion ideas and be socially active.

Sudhanshu was always upbeat and believed that if one keeps one eye on the bright side of life, one would definitely get positive results.


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