Quant Media causes uproar in Bihar & Jharkhand with their news reporting

Quant Media

“Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air”, the aforementioned quote speaks volumes about the power of journalism and its role in seeking an empowered society where each class and group has a stake.

With a similar vision in mind and a magnificent six years into its inception, Quant Media Private Limited is leading with its commendable work on touching rural lives and livelihoods to present the state of real India amongst its fellows.

Having led from the front on various breakthrough projects, the committed team at Quant Media has taken to task the objective of connecting the locals of Bihar with their residents in other parts of the country through Live Bihar. Being incepted in 2016, the aim of the channel was to explicitly propagate the rich culture, political ups and downs, news from around the world, and related to the state of Bihar while having special shows on women and Bihari cuisine.

Headquartered in Sector 132, Noida, Quant Media is a state-of-the-art news agency that has emerged with its revolutionary journalism to empower the masses in India.

With its nationally acclaimed news platforms, Live India and Live News, the firm is led by ace journalists with years of stalwart experience, Director and Managing editor Basant Jha who has conceptualized the vision of Live Bihar and is proving its mettle across the country.

Being launched by the then incumbent Union Ministers Ram Vilas Paswan and Najma Heptulla in the year 2015, Live India caters to delivering the most time-sensitive and crucial events with credible and reliable journalism pouring in from their dedicated team.

One of the renowned journalism experts in the country who have touched the most backward regions with his presence, he began his journey in the year 2000 with Dainik Jagran News Paper and has since then climbed several pedestals of success eventually making it to the top.

Having spent a substantial amount of time in the rural vicinities of Bihar and Jharkhand.  He traveled from villages to villages to get a first-hand insight of these states and the communities who may migrate to other states but have their heart intact with their native states.

Basant Jha now visualizes a dream to copy the same streak in Jharkhand and bless their natives with adequate reporting on its rich cultural heritage, lifestyle, and life philosophy of the natives, tribals there which is very different yet something which needs to be communicated across the country.

“It is because of my various work assignments and constant inclination to understand more about the rural lives of some of the most unreported areas in the country that I became sensitive to the idea of taking their tremendous cultural richness to those who connect their heart with these areas. We deploy our stringers from the most basic levels up until the district level. We are driven to continue this streak in all our endeavors so that such news which is not covered by the mainstream national news channels and agencies reaches those whose hearts beat for Bihar and Jharkhand ”, says the director and managing editor Basant Jha.

Their most celebrated platform, Live Bihar has received accolades on many fronts because of their robust and impartial reporting that caters to each nook and corner of Bihar. Being hailed by leaders of the opposition parties and ruling party alike, it is because of their strong work ethic that their commendable social media work is received exceedingly well by leaders and citizens equally in Bihar.

Not only this, it was because of their unprecedented efforts at catering to the most left out sections to bind all natives of Bihar that Saroj Jha, Regional Director of the World Bank, labeled Live Bihar as a new communication revolution for Bihar.








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