Government explains How Covid’s 3rd wave will be different from the first two

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The third wave of coronavirus is unavoidable due to high levels of circulating virus, but the time frame is unknown, according to the government’s principal scientific advisor K Vijay Raghavan, who explained how the virus’ biology has changed between the first and second waves. As a significant portion of the population is vaccinated, there will be an adaptive strain on the virus to undergo new types of changes in the third phase of the pandemic.

Variants are just one element in the massive second wave of the Covid-19 that is currently sweeping the region, according to K Vijay Raghavan, the government’s principal scientific advisor. Existing variants of a virus will give way to new variants that may or may not be more virulent, but variants should make little difference in people’s primary approach to combating Covid-19, which should consist of preserving social distance, according to the expert.

While the virus remained a generalist in 2019 and 2020, like a key that can fit into a variety of locks, the virus in 2021 became much fitter and effective as it attempted to enter the human body through a “hit and run” strategy. The virus will become more effective in the coming days as immunity and vaccination put adaptive pressure on it.

Talking about the first wave government said that it was stopped by a combination of population immunity and precautionary measures. 

But the second wave began as new opportunities for the infection’s spread arose. When the guard is down, immunity alone isn’t often enough to keep the infection from spreading. Many people become sick before they hit a new level of immunity.

Further talking about the second wave government explained, a second wave like this is usually smaller than the first. It was anticipated that a second wave would arrive. Different parameters, on the other hand, will alter in small increments and add up to a second wave that is much larger than the first. The second wave of this magnitude and ferocity was not anticipated.

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