Day after Taliban seized Kabul, Citizens seeks Protection, India monitoring the developments


A day after the Taliban seized the capital city of Kabul which led Ashraf Ghani, the President to flee Afghanistan, people now seek intervention from the international community. 

The world went into a shock as the videos started emerging on social media platforms  capturing horrifying scenes at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. In a desperate attempt to save their lives, people were seen scrambling up a ladder to board a plane. The visuals also captured several citizens running alongside a US military aircraft taxiing for takeoff, some even clambering onto its wheels and at least two spiralling down from the skies.

The US President, Joe Biden, on Monday in a televised address from the White House said “I stand squarely behind my decision. I have learned that hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw US forces.”

Brushing off criticism that the evacuation was a wrong move,  Biden said the priority is to stop a war that had expanded far beyond its initially modest goals of punishing the Taliban for links to Al-Qaeda after 9/11.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation-building,” he said, vowing that despite the departure of US troops anti-terrorism operations would continue. Biden said “thousands” of US citizens and Afghans who had worked with American forces are to be evacuated over the coming days. He threatened a “devastating” military response if the Taliban launched attacks in the meantime.

Meanwhile, China said that we are ready to establish friendly ties with Afghanistan. China shares a rugged 76 kilometre border with Afghanistan and Beijing has sought to maintain unofficial ties with the Taliban throughout the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Russia’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Dmitry Zhirnov praised the Taliban’s conduct by stating that they have made Kabul much safer in the first 24 hours than it had been under the previous authorities.

India is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, the MEA said in a statement. India has established a cell to coordinate matters related to Afghanistan. Dr. S. Jaishakar, the External Affairs Minister of India, in a series of tweets said that “We are in constant touch with the Hindus and Sikh leaders in Kabul and that their welfare is our responsibility.”

The minister at the South Block also issued a helpline number for gathering updates of Indians in Afghanistan. Commending the US effort, he said, “Discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan with Secretary Antony Blinken and underlined the urgency to restore airport operations in Kabul.”

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