Author Nupur Luthra explores a new genre with novel ‘Silent Murder’


Laughter and agony, comedy and tragedy, humour and anguish are all separated by a thin line. If a writer has a command over all these emotions when they are writing then we can truly address them as a great writer. Nupur Luthra is one such author who maintains a perfect balance between each emotion.

She is usually known for her romantic and fiction novels. But this time Nupur decided to take another routine and tried her hands-on writing a murder mystery. Writing a murder mystery acquires a lot of brain and imagination and having all the acquired traits, she penned down a story titled ‘Silent Murder’.

It’s the story of Nick, who has the perfect life working in the White House and loving his wife Bridget. However, when he discovers that his grandfather is not who he thinks he is, things are not the same anymore. A secret about a murderer leaves Nick with some startling questions about what could have happened and determined to find some answers.

Nick is confused and yet angry. He is intrigued by his grandfather, who seems to be hiding the truth. As he looks for answers, someone from his past is back in his life. Will Nick ever find out the truth? Will it remain a secret forever?  The book is about how Nick ends up in pain with one step closer to knowing the truth.

This murder mystery thriller will transport you on an exciting journey that will have you captivated to the page until the very last page.

Delhi-based author Nupur is expanding the scope of her work. She has been a student of  English Literature who wrote for a variety of school publications. She dabbled in a variety of genres, including romance, politics, travel, and murder mysteries. And studied further to build her own style in order to understand how to write in a range of genres.

Apart from the murder mystery, she has written four books more, ‘‘A soldier’s daughter, Divergence, Disturbed Death, Our Love That Fell Apart.’

To look into her writing one can purchase from Amazon.



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