Akash Thakur MSVA emerging as an inspiration in the music industry

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“Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion”, this quote is relatable to those who see humans as one race and believe that we are all bound by the thread of love. Breaking stereotypes of caste, colour, gender and entrusting humanity is the new age rapper and artist Akash Thakur MSVA, a young visionary with a magnanimous heart and vision to change the world with his cryptic lines.

Akash, a native of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, is guided by a desire to spread compassion and hope. He has released some mind-blowing videos on YouTube with lyrics that have strong connections with the current state of our country, having achieved numerous achievements in a very short time since beginning the process of bringing positive change with his verses. His raps are followed by the lovers of humanity who are overwhelmed by his inspiring content that is not vulgar but eye-opening.

He had a unique perspective on life issues since he was a teenager. After two years of visualising his visions to carry his various thoughts on the planet to wide audiences, he launched his YouTube channel Humanity: A Vision in 2019.

Akash started posting motivational content, which gained popularity and recognition at first, but he soon realised that viewers do not take motivational content seriously, so he adapted to a method that was most popular at the time to enable his videos to reach large audiences. He wrote and released motivational raps as part of his unique material, which was well-received by his audience.

He believes that “Every positive thing that one wishes to do should, in my opinion, begin right now. With this mindset and belief, I started filming for my YouTube videos, with the majority of the footage taken on my phone. Despite the fact that I didn’t use any expensive cameras, the verses were so moving that people encouraged me to continue this streak. My music is now verified across all platforms, and I’m dedicated to breaking down walls with my raps to tell various stories about humanity.”

Akash Thakur MSVA is also a doer who not only raps but also lives the values he preaches in his songs. From promoting dog welfare to assisting the poor and downtrodden, he believes in doing good without bragging about it.

Tabaahi, Toofan: A Tribute to the Indian Army, Darna Nahi hai, and other of his most important verses have gained a lot of traction. With over 12000 Instagram followers, Akash is making strides and is motivated solely by the desire to get his voice heard in all corners of our world.

He has earned official YouTube artist verification and is reigning supreme with his genuine and profoundly insightful lyrics and his tracks are eagerly awaited each time he releases a new one.

“Dreams, imagination, and the dedication of those who dare to make their dreams a reality are all sources of hope,” says Akash Thakur MSVA.



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