6 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day amid this lockdown


Every relationship is beautiful in its own way but no other relationship on the earth compares to the bond that sons and daughters have with their mothers. If we are happy, sad, or having a problem, the first person we call is our mother. Nobody can relate to the love she has for her family.

Mothers are selfless, showering their children with unconditional affection and sacrificing all of their desires for their communities. Our mothers do everything for us, from feeding us to teaching us the etiquettes. Because of the current global pandemic, a lot of things have changed.

So, this Mother’s Day, you should at least make her feel special by spending time with her or making small gestures at home.

Here are some quick ideas that you would like to try amid this pandemic and make her smile during this tough time.

1. Set Up Virtual Date

You should arrange a virtual brunch date with your mother if you live far away. Prepare her favourite foods and ask her to do the same. You can have brunch together and chat while drinking your drinks over a video call. Small gestures, such as singing for her and telling her how much she means to you, are also appreciated.

2. Set Up Dinner Date

If you are lucky enough to be with her this pandemic, cook her a full-fledged meal. Decorate your dining area, dress up and you can enjoy a candlelight dinner with her.

3. A long Phone Call

We are always preoccupied with ourselves as we grow older, and we neglect our parents. So, having a phone conversation with your mother would make her feel special. Mothers love to spend time with their children, so telling her about yourself and asking about her will make her very happy.

4. Watch a movie

If you’re all together at home, watch a movie that night, complete with concessions. Watch the same movie on your screens at the same time if you’re in different places. Alternatively, launch a marathon of your favourite TV show while sipping a glass of wine or sipping a cup of tea.

5. Get Creative 

Create a video with all of the kids. They will all say “Happy Mother’s Day” and tell her how much they love her. On your tablet, you can still use iMovie to splice videos together. Create a tape or a music playlist if you want. 

6. Make Homemade Gift

You are not required to purchase a gift from a shop, mothers appreciate heartfelt gifts. A brilliant idea is to make a DIY card or flowers or bake a cake. You will make her happy with a few small efforts.

It’s like staring into the heart of the cosmos when you look into Mother’s eyes. The love between a mother and her child is the most beautiful, it never comes to an end. So, celebrate this special day with her and shower her with unconditional love.


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