Warm up Your Weekends with Amazing Recipes by Chef Sonali Mishra


Are you longing for some good food but can’t find any appetizing recipes? Now you don’t need to worry about finding or cooking delicious recipes to relish. To help you resolve your dilemmas, Sonali Mishra, a chef by passion and a web developer by profession, has come up with her own Youtube Channel, ‘ Sonali’s Recipes’ with a variety of easy-to-cook recipes to bust your cravings.

Garnering over five lakh subscribers on Youtube she has got a huge fan base across various social media platforms. She has 11k Instagram followers and 6k Facebook followers and makes regular live streaming on the platform, which receives a lot of positive feedback. Her content videos are of excellent quality and are capable of teaching you something new. Sonali also produces content and hosts live streams on sites such as Roposo, Desiplex, and Spotlight, which have a combined audience of over 1 lakh people.

Sonali, a mother of a four-year-old kid, has struck the perfect work-life balance. Since the beginning, she has consistently assisted her daughter in improving her life skills. Her kid, who goes by the name ‘Little Chef Pavki,’ has her own YouTube channel where she posts some healthy no-fire cooking videos. Her husband is a business executive who maintains channelling his creative urge by performing live broadcasts on Facebook where he shares his easy strategies for creating some beautiful artworks and joins this small family of highly creative digital creators.

Talking about her expertise as a creator, Sonali says, “Cooking is a part of my being now. I feel that it is one of the most exhilarating things that I have taken on to do in my life. Realizing along the way how creating such new and delectable recipes gave me joy, I decided that it would be for the best if I brought them forward for the world to see. That is how the channel ‘Sonali’s Recipes’ started.”

She further added, “Even for Pavki, I want her to keep continuing in the field. She enjoys doing it right now, and in the future, if she chooses it as her hobby or profession, it will be completely her own choice”.

Shooting her videos in their in-home professional studio, Sonali ensures the high definition quality of videos on all her channels. She also skillfully manages her other household responsibilities with comparable ability. Many prominent businesses have approached Sonali for cooperation, citing her outstanding content creation skills. Godrej, Healthkart, Agaro, Quikr, Oreo, WOW, Kurkure, and many others were among her most coveted collaborations.

The blogger is also available on a variety of other short video apps, where she posts her content. Her video recently became viral on Roposo, helping her to reach the Semifinale of the Roposo Contest, where she competed against lakhs of other contestants. The blogger can also be found on a variety of other short video apps, where she posts her content.

Sonali’s YouTube channel features a variety of recipes ranging from healthy to exotic. She even makes food and shares recipes on request, so if you want her to cook anything particular to your tastes, you may leave a request in her comment box or Instagram DMs at any moment, and she will gladly gather her spatulas and get to work.

A true inspiration for women, Sonali has garnered immense love from all her audiences and her skills inspire each woman to chart the list in any of the genres they are interested in.

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