TURFF Coffee: The brand that adds innovation to world’s most preferred hot and cold beverage


The best social drink of all time, coffee is each and everyone’s go-to thing. Honestly, it is more than just a drink. It is the beverage that helps everyone survive through those morning meetings, it is the drink that helps people in staying up, the caffeine inside it also stimulates the release of dopamine that gives euphoric feels. So ultimately, coffee benefits in improving productivity. In the market, there are multiple brands that sell the finest coffee to assist you in beating those Monday blues. One such brand that celebrates the coming together of Coffee, Character and Charisma is TURFF Coffee.

TURFF Coffee, a D2C brand based out of Nagpur aims to sell taste, quality and personality. The brand was founded in April 2022 by Kanishk Mehta who is a young, dynamic enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mind-set. He started this brand to add premium quality and the life alternating progressive food tech to everyone’s favourite beverage option. Thus, they launched their unique flavoured instant freeze-dried coffee in India. Turf as the name suggests means grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots. In the same way, TURFF is a brand which is held together with the ground and serves premium coffee straight to its customer’s doorsteps.

Initially, TURFF Coffee launched five of its instant coffees that were 1930’s Blend Classic, Viva La Vanilla, Knock Out Mocha, Shot of Heaven Espresso and Nutty Affair Hazelnut. Then on the occasion of the 75th Independence day, TURFF Coffee came up with its sixth flavour which is The Independent Irish, and the product launch of the Irish instant coffee was a successful one for the brand. Made with 100% freeze-dried coffee and a natural flavour, TURFF Coffee has its benefits such as instant fuelling kick, high in antioxidants, bold cuttings, rich in aroma and flavour, longer shelf life than other coffees and availability of wider varieties of flavours. In the whole process of making the coffee no sugar, no chicory and no artificial additives are added. Thus TURFF provides sugar-free coffee made with 100% natural ingredients.

Talking about TURFF Coffee  the founder Kanishk Mehta says, “With TURFF we aim to put forth online and offline stores that add the choice of flavours, personality and the character that any tastemaker requires. Our ready-to-drink coffee can be both medium and dark roast. We assure that the flavour of these bold cutting coffees represents emotions that attract one to them, like hype, pleasure, melancholy, happiness and many more. Our coffee crystals have what one needs for every mood in every season. At the same time, the whole team is working on a model of bringing India to the world and not vice-versa. We aim to change the way we drink, buy and visualise the urban landscape of taste and experience.”

Coffees by TURFF can be purchased from the brands official website and other E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart, etcetera. The merchandise that they offer is a 4-inch wooden coaster (made with natural wood) and another is a sipper (made up of rice husk, bamboo fibres and agricultural wastes). These are available in two sizes 240ml and 360ml. Both of these products are made eco-friendly so that the world moves a step closer to sustainability. The journey of building TURFF coffee took day and night efforts for the founder to understand the fact that coffee tastes of each and every age group, and every region has its own preferences and taste. To design and launch this into the market was a challenge for them, but we successfully passed that phase and now are delivering it pan India. In the near future, they aim to further expand their horizons and bring more gourmet flavour coffees.


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