Space-e-fic: Empowering Young Minds to Discover the Universe with E- Learning Platform


The rapid progress made in Space Technology has led to extraordinary accomplishments for the whole human race. Throughout the years, space has often been identified as the new frontier, fueling the imagination of writers and film directors, who created visions of a future enabled by fantastic developments in Space Technologies.

However, after an initial phase of “exploration” of a new environment and consolidation of the relevant technologies, what follows is a plethora of opportunities and platforms that are offering career options in space science and astronomy. This is where Space-e-fic comes in. It is a platform that offers an education resource library, created to help make teaching science and astronomy easy, fun and interactive. Each resource includes easy to digest information on a select topic followed by related activities that can be incorporated into teaching.

Creating opportunities to create an intelligent and analytic global community

An online learning platform for all ages, Space-e-fic is developed by the team of educationists, science communicators and astronomers depicting innovation, passion and total commitment to spreading knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the public. Implementing astronomy and space science curriculum in the Indian education system, every project in Space-e-fic is an opportunity for children to create an intelligent and analytic global community. They have successfully developed a variety of astronomy and space science educational concepts through astronomy projects, sessions, tutorials and modules based on school/college curriculum for education, catering to the needs of schools & students in India.

Shaping future through in-depth knowledge and expertise

Space-e-fic was founded by Agniva and Akash, both of whom are alumni of IIT of Bhubaneswar and IIT Kharagpur respectively. Launched a few months ago, the startup has already served more than 10,000 students from all over India and engaged more than 20 experts from ISRO, IIT’s and other premier research institutes.

Speaking about their venture, the founders Agniva and Akash say, “We’re at a place in history where technology has empowered people to connect and engage. People are finding their voices and looking for opportunities to shape their interests and opinions. Therefore, we at space-e-fic are providing a window for opportunities and the recent trends that are focused on accessibility, diversity and inclusion”.

Facilitating knowledge through advanced tools and technologies

Strictly sticking to the STEM based curriculum, here you will not only learn how a rocket flies, but also how to build one with significant payload capacity through various engaging activities. The courses offered are designed to facilitate your knowledge as well as practical learning of Astronomy, Cosmology and Rocket science at your convenience. They additionally offer discounts to ensure cost-effective and affordable learning among students who are unable to afford it so that they can utilize their hidden potential and shape their future towards a better career.

Achieving immense success and satisfaction across the country, the firm has successfully established itself as a leading platform in the domain of space sciences. The firm takes pride in fueling young minds and enthusiasts by having a technologically skilled approach towards space science and astronomy to encourage a generation to contribute towards scientific progress.

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