“People are Becoming Constantly Aware of Their Mental Health Post Covid”, says Sharanya Singh

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Sharanya Singh penned down her thoughts on how people are becoming constantly aware of their mental health post covid.

When the Coronavirus pandemic emerged in 2020, it introduced one of the biggest threats to our physical health. In order to beat the virus, Governments across the entire world decided to go under lockdown for several months. People’s movements got restricted; they got confined within the four walls of their homes. Home became the office, gym, restaurant, club, and all the other things one could imagine. It seemed exotic at first but gradually it began to take a toll on people’s mental health.

Poet and author from Patna, Sharanya Singh who published her first book ‘Hamartia’ at the age of 17, herself battled the issues of deteriorating mental health. Her book is a collection of poems that she penned down when she had hit rock bottom. Having learned from her own experiences, she talks about how Covid led people to understand the importance of their mental well-being.

Man is, no doubt, a social being. He cannot really live without all the social relationships and activities. Covid19 and the lockdown made it impossible for him to travel or meet friends. The result was the upsurge of loneliness, frustration, and stress in ordinary individuals. What compels the scenario to be even worse is the reduction of workforce by several businesses in view of loss due to the pandemic. Poor social and financial health gave birth to a series of mental issues in men and women around the world.

Effects of Speculations about the Outbreak on Mental Health

Rumors and speculations carry a lot of negativity within them. A simple rumor can spark anxiety in an individual. The current health crisis brought a lot of speculations about the outbreak with it. Instead of following the good quality information, many people listened to these false rumors and witnessed mental breakdowns.

So, it is high time people should understand that panicking can never be optimal for psychological or emotional wellbeing. Instead of focusing on the number of deaths worldwide, people should start concentrating on following informed hygiene advice from medical practitioners. They must prioritize their mental well-being along with their physical well-being and take care of their mental health.

Importance of Financial Planning

Among many other things, the Coronavirus outbreak has made us realize how important it is to pay attention to financial planning. The pandemic has not only stretched out people’s expenses but also reduced their income. The increasing insecurity around jobs is bound to leave a negative impact on people’s minds. With a family to feed, many people faced some serious mental hazards during this time of economic slowdown. Therefore, if things start to get better, everyone should start planning finances as no one knows when the situation will go bad.

Looking After Your Mental Health at Home

Mental health is no longer something we can take lightly. People who are still stuck at home should start taking care of their minds at home. You can use social media to stay connected with your loved ones. Staying connected is ever more important in these pressing times. For, stress management, you can try incorporating exercises, yoga, or meditation into your daily routine. Also, make sure that you stay away from any false news or triggering information. Keep yourself active and eat a healthy diet as it will keep your mind positive.

With the global rollout of vaccines, we can expect to return to our old lives very soon while maintaining safety measures. Some people can find this ease in restrictions with all the debates going on also stressful. However, it is good news that people are gradually becoming aware of the seriousness of mental health problems and taking considerable measures to take care of their minds.

– Sharanya Singh

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