Navneet Maheshwari: Founder of AGM Investment shared their Secrets to Success


“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. This quote by Friedrich Nietzsche is one of my favourites and it has been a guiding light for many people who aspire to achieve something great but face challenges in their lives.

What we call as an entrepreneur is a person who is synonymous to risk taker and one who loves challenges because when he confronts a challenge and success at it, it benefits him as well as in the stock market. Navneet Maheshwari, the founder of AGM Investment which is a stock market advisory firm which also holds expertise in other financial consultation has a similar story and we thought that it is totally worth sharing.

Who is Navneet Maheshwari?

Here’s a story about an inspiring individual named Navneet Maheshwari from Delhi. The founder of AGM Investment, his business is going very well for him indeed! Last time we checked in with him was within the last year when he was one of the featured advisors in a reputed media house in India. Navneet has been known to share what he likes to call “industry secrets” because as an investor and former stockbroker himself- there are few people who have more experience than this 27 years old when it comes to helping others get financial gains out of the market.

AGM Investment, a legacy in making

AGM Investment is very well known and reputed company in its niche and has been helping its clients deal with several aspects of business and managing revenue. In the course of time they have proved again that they are the best when it comes to the services like financial and revenue modelling, mergers and acquisitions and other financial and legal procedures that happen but what makes them stand out of the crowd is that they also help their clients take critical decisions sometimes. Sharing one such account, Navneet shared how they helped a struggling start up get acquired by an MNC which later on paved the way for their founders start a successful telemedicine company. This dedication in client service will make sure that they will build a legacy in Financial Consultancy and Education service in the country because they are also preparing a launchpad for successful trading careers by teaching stock trading aspirants how to become successful at it.

What does future hold for AGM Investment?

AGM Investment has been transforming the lives of many aspiring traders with their courses focused at teaching people how to trade stocks successfully and they have even helped people quit their day jobs to fully focus on their trading careers. Talking to some of their clients and students, we got to know that the tricks and insights that they provide to their students and the tips that they give manifests successfully 9 out of 10 times which promises an accuracy rate of 90%. Furthermore, AGM Investment is looking into expanding its client base as well as diversifying its service offerings for the future so it can create sustainable revenue streams for the business on a regular basis.

You can know more about their services on their website here.

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