Entrepreneur Gaurav Vinod Dubey turns 30; delivering diversified ideas with brilliance

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There are people who are born with multiple skills while there are people who acquire that talent with time. Among such people is Gaurav Vinod Dubey, a multi-talented person who is acing the domain of entrepreneurship and law with his expertise in various niches.

The virtuoso journey has been full of struggles despite the fact that he was born with a golden spoon. As the saying goes life is unpredictable, similarly his life also changed when his father saw a downfall in business which led to the financial crisis in the family. But looking at his family, Gaurav was determined enough to become the backbone of his family and help them in every way possible.

Gaurav continued to work sincerely as a sales consultant with Hyundai motors but it was in 2011 that he decided to shift his focus and bring the entrepreneurial skills in him out and he stepped in the retail clothing industry but unfortunately luck didn’t favoured him and he eventually failed. Gaurav didn’t take the failure at his heart as he believes failures are a part of life and so he worked even harder and developed his web of network and through this he finally launched his law and consultancy firm- ‘V A D Lawgical & Consultancy India LLP.’

Gaurav,  with vast knowledge in the fields Land Litigation, Criminal Cases, Bankruptcy, and other sections that fall under Indian Penal Code (IPC) has always dreamt of opening a law firm and finally he achieved his dream. His team includes more than 25 experienced advocates who specialise in different domains. Commitment to the clients and bringing them the justice they are seeking for is the whole sole purpose of his consultancy. Growth is something which everyone loves to see and especially for a company that someone has nurtured over the time. The firm is now collaborating with several big players in the corporate sector, industrialists and businessmen and this is the testimony of their credibility and their immense growth in a short span of time.

It’s the hunger for more that drives you to push your limits. Gaurav who has a strong hold on the subject of law is also an entrepreneur at his heart. Not only has he unleashed his law skills and curated a brand which is now the talk of the town among the law fraternity but he has also proved himself in the field of business. The entrepreneur also owns a candle trading company which is slowly emerging as the top choice for consumers in the domestic market. Expanding the business, the company has recently rolled out their convenience store business in Mumbai and their flagship store,  MarQt India- The Neighbourhood Store is located at the very famous King Circle, Matunga in Mumbai.  The company has a plethora of options to choose from at a jaw-dropping price.

Gaurav, commenting on his incredible journey, says “My life has seen many ups and downs and I respect failures as much as I love success as I believe failures are the first stepping stones towards success. It is very important to have a purpose in life and thankfully my dreams serve the purpose of my life. It was my dream to have my own law firm which can help people in coming an inch closer to getting justice as I have always felt that lack of guidance and the right knowledge have often led people to roam around corridors of court for years in the pursuit of getting their case resolved.”

Gaurav, a visionary entrepreneur understands the importance of keeping pace with the changing times and this is why to suit modern times, he emphasizes innovation to bring the best out for the common public. With his law firm, he has been able to help a lot of people in getting their property and land disputes solved. The young entrepreneur has also been awarded ‘Power Broker Of The Year 2019’  by Skill India Company for his exemplary work. Gaurav Vinod Dubey, with his passion and hard work, wants to expand his business and touch the lives of common citizens.

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