Celebrate this Rakshabandhan by binge-watching these 5 iconic movies

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Remember when your sister hid the TV remote, sending you on a frantic search throughout the house? Siblings can be annoying at times, but they are typically interesting and always distinctive.

The bond between the siblings is very special they fight with each other but in times of crisis, they are ready to support each other. To protect this beautiful bond, Indian’s celebrate Rakshabandhan, a Hindu holiday that honors the unconditional affection that exists between brothers and sisters. Every year, we follow the same routine of giving the favorite gift to sisters and wrapping Rakhis around the wrists of brothers.

But this Raksha Bandhan honors the particular tie that exists between brothers and sisters by binge-watching Bollywood flicks about celebrating & cherishing sibling bonds.

1. Dil Dhadkne Do

Dil Dhadakne Do is a fantastic film that re-establishes the brother-sister bond. Ranbir Singh goes to great lengths to protect his sister from his strict father and has difficulty persuading his mother. He stands by her side like an iron pillar as she attempts to recuperate from her failed marriage. In front of their parents, he encourages her and eventually arranges for her to see her ardent boyfriend, Farhan Akhtar. In other words, he does everything he can to ensure her sister’s happiness. This film demonstrates how siblings may help each other through difficult times.


2. Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na

This film, which was released in 2008, is about Aditi and her college sweetheart Jai Singh Rathore a.k.a. Imran Khan. Prateik Babbar plays a brother who is artistically gifted. He is gifted with a keen sense of intuition. With that, he awakens Aditi to the reality of who she truly loves. His advice, which was generally dismissed in the early chapters of the film, proves to be the final word in Aditi’s life. Another fantastic modern example of a brother-sister relationship.


3. Bhag Milkha Bhag

Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra directed this film, which has the director’s hallmark tone of striving against all odds to achieve one’s goal. Milkha Singh a.k.a. Farhan Akhtar receives unrelenting assistance from his sister, played by expert actress Divya Dutta, in achieving his goal of bringing gold to India. The unconditional affection of a sister for her younger brother can be shown in the way she feeds him nourishing food.


4. Hum Saath Saath Hain

Who hasn’t heard of the Salman Khan and Saif Ali film? This film, directed by Sooraj Badjatya, the architect behind the family drama, is the pinnacle of how family connections should be developed. Neelam is a character who portrays the sister of three brothers. They put up their best efforts in a favorable direction in order to salvage her sister’s marriage and household. It was a great smash back in 1998, with a famous star cast and well-portrayed emotions. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can binge-watch this film with your sister and the rest of your family.


5. Fiza

The film Fiza was released in 2002. Despite the film’s aesthetic tones, it was a box office disappointment at the time. However, this may be a realistic option for watching Rakshabandhan this season. Karishma Kapoor’s persona rescues Hrithik from the horrible depths of terrorism and violence. Karishma Kapoor is totally responsible for everything wonderful that has happened in Hrithik Roshan’s life. Hrithik also fights for her when the situation calls for it.


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