Webingo marks 4 years around the sun by serving clients with utmost satisfaction


It is rightly said that success doesn’t come easy. The road to the light is filled with hurdles,  but with a straightforward approach and a mind set enough to take risks and step on an adventure that will lead to your dreams coming true is what accounts to make a difference.  Setting their heart at the same and putting in relentless efforts, Webingo, an IT Solutions company under the meritorious administration of Subham Raj Sharma and Rishav Sadhu completed four years of its impeccable journey walking ahead of technology and taking all the challenges at hand with an effective approach to conquer.

Webingo is built upon firm values that foster innovation and continuous improvement. Data is the vital source of business value today and Webingo is a team that is passionate about intelligent IT. Having started the organization four years ago, it was not the game plan but something that happened by accident. The two founders coincidentally met at a food plaza and realized that their dreams align with each other somewhere on the way. Channeling the zeal both of them garnered, they took a leap of faith and manifested Webingo with all the enthusiasm and determination they could muster.

On the occasion of their four-year anniversary, Co-Founder and Director, Subham Raj Sharma says, “I am more than delighted to have reached here and celebrate this success that has been the result of the team’s untiring endeavors to walk hand in hand with the advancements in technology. Webingo stands with the motto to make your dreams come true and just like we strived to make our plans come to life, we will do it for you too!”

The commendable duo started the firm with little to no monetary support from their family. Being engineering graduates, they had never put a thought to settle for their individual family businesses. Henceforth, with merely INR 500 in the pocket, they went on to build a company that led to assist thousands of companies to grow in the digital world and boost their online presence.

Incepted in 2017, Webingo initially faced deprivation in the number of projects on board, at times it couldn’t even cover up their expenditures. But, they never let it pull them down and continued with a thought of ‘Something is better than nothing’, With this approach, Webingo has now successfully delivered more than 500 projects including several government projects and have been certified by the Udyog Aadhar, MSME; recognized and appreciated by DRDO, incubated under NASSCOM 10000 warehouse Start-ups in Kolkata, and received The Business Awards in 2019.

Talking about what lies behind the success of the firm, Co-Founder and Director, Rishav Sadhu shares, “When we started this firm we had a strong vision and that is what kept us on the straight path. We didn’t let anything waver our confidence along the way. Despite facing innumerable challenges in the midst of our growth, we emerged stronger than before and continued to bring innovation to stand ahead of the competition.”

Subham and Rishav’s individual skill set has fit together like a perfect puzzle and that is precisely the reason why they have grown as a team to rise above all difficulties. From a team of two, they have now grown to a family of more than twenty members and have been catering to client needs with a 100% success rate. Within just four years now, Webingo has aced the domain to make a whopping 7 figures turnover and one can easily presume that under such efficacious leadership, the firm is destined to touch horizons.

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