Shubhank Jaiswal creates strides in the realm of cricket

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Much of what distinguishes the successful from the wishful thinkers is persistence. Make a name for yourself by being motivated in the face of adversity believes Cricketer, Shubhank Jaiswal aka Shubh Jaiswal. He had loved cricket since he was a child, and he is now one of those rare individuals who can power strike every ball exactly by judging each ball perfectly.

This cricket enthusiast started watching the cricket from a very early age and to be surprised the first match he saw was the 1999 World Cup. After which he started taking interest in the game and played cricket with the tennis ball, showing his love for cricket.

Everything was going smooth in his life but his world shattered when he lost his mom at the tender age of 10 years. But he never gave up the hope and continued playing cricket as it was his getaway and something which gave him a bit of happiness.

Soon he started playing cricket starting from a junior level club match at DAV college ground Varanasi which was just a kilometre away from his home. As he grew up, he attended a private academy in the city and later frequent practice sessions at Sigra Stadium. Then he started playing inter-school cricket tournaments for his school and even travelled to Kolkata for a cricket camp over the summer holidays.

Hailing from a doctor’s family he had a lot of pressure to do well in his studies and also did his best to keep a balance between cricket and studies and ended up completing his MBA in sports management along with playing professional cricket.

The cricket fanatic passion for cricket was immense and chose to be a cricketer as soon he completed high school and went to a boarding cricket academy in Dehradun. He worked hard on his skills & fitness under the guidance of coach Manoj Rawat and got a chance to play against Scotland under 19 cricket team.

Seeing his ability to be a batting all-rounder he was selected in UP under 19 cricket team probables in 2011. Since then there was no looking back until he had a career-threatening slipped disc injury in 2016. Which took almost a year to heal with help of Delhi based sports injury physiotherapist, Dr Chandan Chawla.

The one year break due to injury was quite tough mentally and emotionally but he engaged himself in recreational activities in between his rehabilitation process such as swimming which helped him in gaining fitness & confidence back. In September 2017 making a comeback after the injury he was selected first time in Ranji trophy probables for the UP cricket team.

Due to his constant hard work and love for cricket recently he was in UP T20 probables for Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy 2020-21 which serves as a major platform to showcase an individual talent for playing in the IPL.

Looking at Shubh’s journey one can truly say that he is a true inspiration for the youth and is a fighter in the true sense. Even facing so many challenges in his life he has outshine as a great cricketer.

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