Pawan Mishra, the man behind the idea of providing education at just Rs 1 per day


The most powerful tool you can use to improve the world is education. Education is about making a difference in other people’s lives and leaving society and the world in a better state than you find it. Doing every bit with his knowledge, Pawan Mishra is an inspiration for many as he provides education at an affordable cost. Pawan created Mennta, an e-learning platform. The company aims to create an online platform that will serve as an information repository for multilingual education. They use technology to inspire great educators and foster a self-learning culture. Their objective is to make education more accessible to anyone who wants to learn and succeed in life. After completing his in 2015 with flying colours, he worked for a Multi-National Company for a long time. But, rather than working for another organisation, he decided to provide education at a minimal cost. While several platforms provide similar services, what sets Mennta apart is that it offers education for almost one rupee per day, allowing more people to learn and seize the opportunity to develop their future. There are no other institutes in India that provide education at this cost. Pawan believes that “ The aim of education is to teach people how to think deeply and critically. True education aims to develop both intelligence and character.” What motivates him to work tirelessly is his desire to teach others. And, as time goes by, the business will offer courses in other fields as well. This will support an increasing number of students to get an education at a low cost. He says that they have opened the door for education, it is just upon students how they perceive it and use it for their further benefit. To avail his education, download his app from the play store:


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