Mohammad Faizan: The story of building India’s most secure digital wallet ‘F-Pay’


“On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.” — Gregory S. Williams.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. The story of Faizan is nothing short of a commendable feat achieved by a boy who had to leave everything behind to move further towards his dream.

Hailing from a middle-class family,  Mohammad Faizan’s family moved to the new city when he was 13 years old, leaving his hometown behind. His father, however, had returned to their hometown to repay their loan. Along with his mother and three younger siblings relocated to Amravati. They were renting a property and didn’t have enough money. Consequently, he had to work because he was the sole breadwinner for my family in the city.

Having an interest in gadgets, Faizan knew little about cell phones at the time and the devices always intrigued him. As a result, he decided to open a mobile business. After a year, his father arrived in Amravati and was opposed to his mobile shop. His father believed that working in a mobile shop had no future. He recommended that Faizan should work with him because his father was also a small entrepreneur. Having no interest in joining his father’s business, he started learning more about phones and apps. He worked hard, studied applications and finally decided to make an app of his own.

After a few years, he created a mobile app for merchants. It was a business-to-business recharging app. Unfortunately, this software failed, and he lost his money.  He did not lose his hope and researched more about it.

In 2018, he created a new application, “F-pay,” where “F” stands for ‘Fast’ and is also the initial letter of his name. He believed that by combining B2B and B2C, he could give a simple service to non-banking customers or the ordinary man in India.

As he knew that with time, digital wallets were gradually becoming the way of tap-and-go consumption, allowing for seamless, transparent, safe, and very convenient financial transactions. Among the handful of digital wallets, F-Pay is an online portal to provide world-class services to its customers across the country.

After researching and gathering knowledge from the experts, he planned to start this idea. It was new and exciting to all of them. But having a deep desire to build something so that individuals may utilise financial services without sharing their banking information with anyone because sharing banking information is not as safe.

What makes F-Pay unique from different other wallet apps is that they deduct 3% when paying straight from the bank, whereas other wallet apps deduct 5%, resulting in a win-win situation for clients., under his supervision, delivers services with the press of a button wherever and whenever you want them.

It started with the most fundamental and urgent needs of an ordinary person. They provided services such as mobile phone recharge, DTH, and data cards. They also help in paying bill payments for electricity, gas, and landline.

It seems easy to develop an app but there are challenges a person faces, similarly Faizan faced many challenges, but challenges kept him motivated. He stuck to his idea with patience and perseverance, and they are now one of the finest digital wallet apps in India. If you want the greatest and most trustworthy app, you should switch to F-Pay right away.

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