LA Actor Romeo Yanger: It needs passion and perspective to portray a phenomenal role in plays

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Each artistic profession has a very distinct style and purpose. I can appreciate how much the actors put into all of their performances, and it makes me appreciate them a lot more knowing how much training goes into their art form.

As an artist, your work exists for the purpose of entertaining others, and you never know what they will take away from it or how you may affect their lives – so it’s very important to stay true to yourself first and foremost as an artist in whatever field you choose. The thing I like most about actors is that they are constantly studying their craft – and becoming better at understanding themselves!

It’s also inspiring seeing someone from LA who has come here to SF from India to get involved in different acting schools because you really have no idea where life will lead you without doing something out of the ordinary!

A resident of Los Angeles Romeo Yanger, grew up in an Indian military family. He attended his schools in Nagaland, India before his father got relocated to Kashmir with his family. Romeo was also able to set foot in Los Angeles on a scholarship. Romeo has drawn much inspiration from acting legends such as Tom Cruise and Al Pacino, but he recently cites Al Pacino as his biggest role model. Romeo maintains that there is much more to an actor than what people see on screens or on stage in theatres. Romeo likes keeping his wardrobe updated and is fond of adventure sports despite having a hectic schedule of doing shoots almost every day!

“The most interesting thing about it all lies in how a movie can make us forget our own identity for a few hours as we blend our identities with the characters we come to like or identify with” Romeo remarks.

So, Romeo told us that as of now he is solely dedicated to his acting career, but he was telling us earlier when he went to the school for acting how various jobs were doing like waiting tables or cashier positions and courier delivery boy. He discovered early on how to interact with people from different backgrounds; it was these experiences that taught him the nuances of human behavior in different circumstances. It’s remarkable how much we can learn at such a young age!

Romeo Yanger states, “I appreciate the creative styles of Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan because of their ability to portray complex and intricate character nuances while also giving focus to minor details that often go unnoticed in different aspects in films.”

Romeo Yanger, a promising young actor who’s very passionate about his craft, is a big fan of Tom Cruise and Al Pacino, whom he says are both global stars. He hopes to be able to achieve true stardom by appearing on both Hindi movie screens as well as Hollywood blockbusters. Zoya Akhtar’s versatility in telling stories that have real-life characters really moves him. He would love the opportunity to work with her in one of her upcoming movies.

Romeo Yanger’s father inspired him to become an actor, and now he’s starting to get noticed around in Los Angeles. We’re sure we’ll see Romeo more and more often in Hollywood or Bollywood productions. He already has the dedication and a desire to improve so we imagine that he’ll be a well-known global icon sooner rather than later. All Romeo needs is a little bit of luck, and then the fans will have plenty of reasons to be sad when their favourite star does eventually hang up his boots.

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