Creating strides with art Ananth Talam emerges as the top digital artist

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Artistic genius is a gift from God, and whoever discovers it in himself bears a certain responsibility, an individual must understand that they cannot waste it, and must nurture it. Recognizing his hobby to turn it into a profession, Ananth Talam is one such artist who is creating magic through his creative portraits and gaining immense love from the audiences.

This vector artist hails from Vijayawada middle-class family and shifted to Hyderabad for completing his graduation in Bachelor of Science. And with his expertise in digital marketing, he started working as a freelancer guiding people about the same to help them achieve great expertise in the same niche.

Being an art enthusiast, he recognises the importance of an artist focusing entirely on their work. He searches the internet and reads books about the history and techniques of various art genres to learn more about art. He continues to study the work of other painters. He uses Pinterest to look at and get inspired by the work of other artists.

Hailing from an artistic family, Ananth stands out as a vector artist because he has always been interested in painting since he was a child, drawing inspiration from her mother, who is a fashion designer. Initially, the gorgeous paintings were created for the artist’s own enjoyment. With time, his paintings became more colourful and inviting. He came upon the vector artwork while browsing, the world’s greatest creative network for presenting and discovering creative work.

With 21.7k followers on Instagram, his knowledge and perfection are well received by his followers. His accuracy is so good that he can now make images that look so real that it’s simple to confuse what’s real and what isn’t. His magnificent works of art drew millions of people in. Unlike traditional artists who produce art with a pencil, Ananth creates stunning works of art with a mouse.

Starting from a very small amount in hand, Ananth’s journey took a path that has lead to his success and all the credits goes to the hard work & efforts he has been putting in delivering such excellent artwork. Not only he is a great artist but he is also a kind & humble person as he shares his monetary benefit by helping the needy. And has already done a lot of things for the poor.

Looking at Ananth one can evidently say that he is the epitome of an inspirational leader. He not only inspires youths to work hard in their chosen fields, but also to think about others, as humanity comes first.

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