RCMC Group’s Director Ritesh Airan taking forward the family legacy with Raju Supari


In a sole proprietorship. Legacy serves as the tether connecting the organisation’s fundamental goals, the family’s values, and significant accomplishments over several generations. It stands for the material and immaterial assets that the family has accumulated, adapted, and passed on, including their financial, social, and emotional value. Thus, legacy serves as a useful tool for encoding, transmitting, and understanding the meaning of the family business across generations. Additionally, family enterprises add their own special subtleties and twists to the discussion of legacy, as is the case with so many other business and family-related topics. One such budding entrepreneur working with the ambition to uphold and expand the company and his family’s legacy is Ritesh Airan. Being the director of RCMC Group, he is currently creating a stir in the mouth freshener industry with his areca nuts or supari family brand “Raju Supari”.

Being very well versed in the fact that India is the largest producer as well as consumer of areca nuts globally, Ritesh intends to expand his brand extensively through strategic planning and execution. Under his exceptional supervision, the brand is currently functioning under the PAN India project. This business prodigy believes that receiving a legacy is a privilege, and talking about a legacy may be a great way to “carry it forward” and expand it. There is, however, also recognition of the enormous responsibility that comes with continuing the heritage in his eyes. Ritesh is integrated with the fact that native people have long chewed betel nuts in many different nations. So in order to meet consumer demand, manufacturers use supari as an alternative to betel nuts.

Giving his take on the industry, Ritesh Airan stated, “The world’s largest producer and consumer of areca nuts is India.  Six states—Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal—have the highest concentration of producers. Areca nut is the main plantation crop in the country’s coastal and southern regions, where irrigation is guaranteed. The price of areca nuts has been rising steadily over the world due to the ever-increasing demand for areca goods like pan, supari, and gutkha. The kinds of areca nut goods made depend on processing techniques, consumer preferences, and product maturation.”

Taking the business forward in the education realm, he is also a promising director of Elite New Generation International School (ENGIS), a CBSE-based senior secondary school that uses all the best teaching techniques to give pupils information that goes beyond textbooks. Every concern parents have when choosing a school is addressed by ENGIS, which offers everything from cutting-edge infrastructure to air-conditioned classrooms, inexpensive transportation options, well-stocked labs, smart classrooms, playgrounds for a variety of sports, and even activity areas. One such institution is Mathura’s ENGIS, which aspires to give its students a secure environment in which they can develop holistically and discover new paradigms of inclusive education. The director of ENGIS, Ritesh Airan, goes above and beyond to provide students with everything they need to stand out from their peers.

Apart from this Ritesh Airan is a next-generation business person who wants to positively alter society. He inherited the company through his family’s legacy, but unlike other business owners who are just motivated by the results of their investments and tactics, Ritesh understands his moral and social obligations and also tries to improve the weaker and more marginalised groups in society. For the same reason, he participates actively in numerous civil societies in Mathura and the adjacent areas. The virtuoso also takes the lead in numerous projects that are carried out with the intention of bringing about change, and he is connected to numerous NGOs. Because he believes that everyone has potential, he also enjoys motivating and inspiring others.

Notwithstanding these He is a strong believer of righteousness of an individual heart, harmony at home, order in nation and the last but not the least peace in the world.

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