The inaugural Entrepreneurial Event- Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards 2023 (WTI Awards 2023) to be held on Feb 3

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Recognizing the immense benefits of digital startups and their advancement, the first edition of Winners of Tomorrow’s India 2023 Awards (WTI Awards 2023), with the theme of ‘New Startup Universe,’ will promote Indian startups in today’s business ecosystem. 

The Winners of Tomorrow’s India 2023 Awards (WTI Awards 2023) will be marked by Hon’ble Jury members on Friday, February 3, 2023, in New Delhi. WTI Awards 2023 will bring together young-blooded entrepreneurs who will debate, discuss, disseminate and demonstrate the endless potential of Startups and businesses in today’s technical realm. Aligned with the vision of ensuring that the concessions of digital technology rise amid the Startup renaissance, the event will focus on ideating how to democratize all sorts of businesses in India across sectors like healthcare, education, fashion, Health and fitness and tech, promoting different aspects of the communication sector. 

The event will also showcase how India is championing technology, fostering international and regional teamwork by inspiring inclusive and endurable development, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through startups that are driving foreign and local acquisitions. WTI Awards 2023 will also bring together leading thinkers who are entrepreneurs and innovators, managing to discover unique opportunities emerging from the rapid adoption and spread of digital technology and expansion of Startups across India. The event will mark the commencement of coming years through the advent of communication and Startups. 

This new event will also grace the presence of Mr. Vinay Kumar (Ex-National Bureau Chief of The Hindu), Mrs. Sushma Ramchandram (Business Journalist at Economic Times), and Mr. Desikan Ranganathan (Filmmaker and Advertising writer), among other pioneers in the Media and Business industry. 

WTI Awards 2023 will be a one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial event to be held in person under the main categories – Technology, Fin-tech, Ecommerce, Media and Journalism, Health & fitness, and many more. The registration fee is INR 5000, and about 600 nominations are anticipated till 15th January, i.e., the last day for award nomination. The perks for winning the awards include getting featured in top magazines, prints, and premium Social Media promotions. The awards will be given under two categories – Emerging and Promising

WTI Awards 2023 will acknowledge and embrace the winners of undiscoverable India, unveiling the potential of New Indian startups and their findings. This event will display the success stories and struggles of today’s modern business ecosystem. To be a part of the WTI Awards, there’s a simple process. First, go to WTI Awards page, click on Nominate Now, and fill out the needed details. After doing so, you can pay and book a seat for yourself/your company on the list of the most anticipated awards for Startups and other businesses. 

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