Savour the Taste From the Heaven by Arabian Grill

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Arabian Grill is a family-style restaurant that was opened in the year 2019. The family-style restaurant isn’t just for families but also couples, friends and couples. They offer high-quality meals in an ambiance that is calm and cool. The ambiance helps people to reduce stress at mealtimes. They began their business in the field of food in Varkkala, but they’ve extended to Peroorkkada as well.

The restaurant is considered multi-cuisine, as various international dishes are served. Arabian Grill serves a variety of flavors. Arabian Grill serves dishes from diverse cuisines, such as Indian, Chinese, etc. Arabian Grill is a perfect restaurant based on the price and food quality. They are known for their excellent meals and how they treat guests. Every customer reviews their warm and welcoming atmosphere and food quality. They do not make use of any chemicals to enhance the flavor. They cook their food with love. They believe that each customer, in addition to filling their stomachs with food, also fills their minds. They’re successful when they can see the happiness of all their customers.

One of their customers speaks about Arabian Grill and states “My passions are travelling and having variety and good food. I would travel any distance to have wonderful food. I often had to travel out of Varkala for variety and tasty (quality) food with family or friends. Still, since ARABIAN GRILL @ Puthenchantha, Varkala opened on December 23, 2019, we couldn’t think of any other dining options. They provide good quantity without compromising quality food on time, with friendly staff and management serving you. We recommend this restaurant to anyone who would love to trigger their taste buds”. This is the kind of success they have won.

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