‘Oyster’ by ‘App N Tap’ to redefine the realm of content creation

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With the digitally advancing world, content creation has seen a boom in the industry. What looks like gold on the outside needs a lot of mining and polishing on the inside. Hence, to alleviate the content creators and give them easy and techno-savvy ways to grow, ‘Oyster’ is an application launched under ‘App n Tap’ to procure all the assistance needed for content creation.

Under the expertise of Prakhar, the founder, and Abhijeet, the co-founder, this platform carved its own niche in the market being the first to give a single platform that incorporates all services under a single dashboard.

Oyster to aid all domains of content creation

Assisting writers with content SEO, plagiarism detection, and grammar evaluation, Oyster’s goal is to make content generation easier for content writers, digital marketers, students, and advertising agencies. This platform assists all content creators and aims to consolidate everything into a single location rather than several locations.

Content is a vital niche in every sector, but to support the content, ‘Oyster’ by ‘App N Tap‘ is an exemplary tool that is quite promising, and it is the most powerful weapon in the armory of content creators and developers.

A vision to be digitally enhanced

In today’s world, content is a crucial component in reaching out to people and is a useful tool for connecting brands with their target consumers. Oyster has been a huge assistance to authors by making it easier for them to proofread and write material. It’s a potential app that might be useful in a variety of industries.  The founders are now raising funds to continue developing their AI-powered SAAS platform.

25-year-old entrepreneur Prakhar believes that future technology will bring a revolution and disrupt the content sector. He is currently ranked under 50 on Crunchbase and is based in New Delhi. His goal is to make Eunoia and ‘App n Tap‘ a one-stop solution for customers and content writers, allowing them to avoid exploitative pricing and exploitation without sacrificing the quality of work.

Working in the content industry for the past four years, he says, “Much as the internet altered the world forever when it first arrived in 1995, Artificial Intelligence will do the same. I am passionate about SAAS-based sales and with ‘Oyster’ as my first and most prized venture, I aim to bring a change in the realm of content creation.”

Oyster can serve as a link between the content, marketing, and advertising businesses, which are all fiercely competitive. The team is now seeking investor funding to expand their market, and their MVP will be released soon.

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