360 Bright Media’s VR Cricket Advertising Takes Advertising to the Next Level

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The world is experiencing technological advances rapidly, and in our modern age, the technology that hypnotizes us is turning virtual experiences into real life. This type of technology is referred to as Virtual Reality. It lets you feel and interact with the computer-generated world, and it feels as if one is transported to a different world that enhances the learning experience and transforms entertainment. Additionally, a new technology, Augmented Reality, is famous as it transforms digital data into the real world. Augmented Reality enhances an individual’s perception and interaction with the world around them. It converts various areas, such as gaming and education, as well as healthcare, advertising and many others, by introducing layers of virtual information on top of the real data. There are a lot of agencies in the field of technology that can provide real-world experience to delight the public. 360 Bright Media is one such agency that permits anyone to take advantage of this experience.

360 Bright Media strives to inspire people by combining innovative ideas with the most advanced technology. Through advanced technology in advertising, like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, IoT, Tech branding, and interactive videos, they are redefining the boundaries of entertainment and advertisement. They believe that software can influence people in a variety of ways. This is why they have created an online platform that allows technology to move people. The program strives to physically move individuals by offering innovative ways to travel and discover the world. The Company is awe-inspiring to people by providing the unique services it offers.


360 Bright Media is an innovative company specializing in tailor-made advertising experiences based on the immersive environment of Virtual Reality (VR) Cricket. With a thorough knowledge of the VR environment and a dedication to offering personalized solutions for advertising using the potential of this cutting-edge technology to bring cricket fans together in a new and exciting way. By seamlessly integrating personalized advertisements into VR cricket, 360 Bright Media seamlessly integrates customized advertising into VR games, and 360 Bright Media offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their intended audience engagingly and engagingly while ensuring that their messages are resonant in the digital age. They provide top-quality VR Cricket setups for better engagement with the brand. The setups are in the most beautiful locations, drawing the crowd to journey to an entirely new level of VR. 360 Bright Media allows users to enjoy the best cricket using VR in Mumbai.


AI Photobooth is fun to enhance your photos to make them even more enjoyable. It’s an excellent method to add joy and excitement to any event. It gives you a range of filters and effects to make your pictures exciting and appealing. 360 Bright Media creates customized story filters for brands and develops them with innovative tech experts to create them for any company. They make the brand’s concept a reality in live experiences. This unique feature, 360 Bright Media, makes your events and exhibits memorable. People experience amazing images that viewers will remember for years to be.

In addition to AR, VR and other advertising services, 360 Bright Media customizes games incorporating Augmented Reality layers and virtual graphics. The Company is backed by an internal team adept at creating exciting gaming experiences. Additionally, they organize events and programs for their clients. Additionally, they create virtual events. Their variety of services has helped them become an unbeatable solution in the business.

They’ve collaborated with many clients such as L&T, PwC, Mankind, Tech HR, Mission Impo, ABC APP Launch, L&T Digital car, Magic mirror, ABGLP 23, Prince pipe, HUL, FG 2023 BNP, Nissan, HDFC and many more.

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