Met Gala 2022: Red carpet looks that are vogue & remarkable


After getting cancelled in 2020 and being hosted last year in September, Met Gala, this year, was hosted on 2 May and is a wide gathering of Artists and Elites from all around America and is the most awaited event that many look forward to. Often known as The First Monday in May, the venue attracts many big names and brands to publish their look on the Red carpet, presumably becoming the latest fashion trend in the eyes of the world. Getting invited to the Met Gala is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s an honour to even be considered for the party, which includes some of the most established people in Hollywood. 

Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the A-listers walk down the acclaimed carpet and express their fashion most descriptively. Many celebs took the crowd by surprise in their out-of-the-box costumes, many were ravishing in their unique way of handling fabrics. Some of the most iconic people of the evening were worn by the following public figures – Blake Lively, often considered the queen of Met Gala looks, last night she wore a magnificent gown that gave her fans a minor heart attack, Gigi Hadid showed up at the event in a Versace puffer coat that eyed many critiques to her side, and Kim Kardashian decided to flaunt her new love publicly by making an exclusive statement in her Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy Birthday to the President’ bodycon dress. 

While many aspire to attend the Met Gala, fans all around the world watch the Met Gala every year, some subscribe to Vogue’s Livestream or try and take a glimpse of the grand ball from their Instagrams and social media. The theme of the 2022 Met Gala was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ which challenged fashion designers all around the world to create history with their talents. Many artists believed that the theme blended American history with fashion and the evolution of style in a savvy manner. The fashion industry is dominated by the womenfolk, men at the Gala also represented an intellectual approach by asking intimidating questions like “Who gets to be American?”, which was posted by Prabal Gurung’s Spring/summer 2020 show. 

The hosts of last night were Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Lin-Manuel Miranda officially shaping the night into a memorable one. Vogue’s Anna Wintour will be the honorary at the event as she has been running the Met Gala since 1995, shimmering each year in her crown, representing the entire American Fashion industry on her own. Although it’s a secret what goes inside a Met Gala due to the No phone and social media policy; it can be assumed that a high profile performance is celebrated by a top chart artist  (Icons like Rihanna or Justin Beiber) and then everyone sits for the grand dinner together. The Internet is flooding with the images of last night’s looks giving the fans a chance to get a glance at this majestic party. 

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