Space station’s next astronaut crew for NASA to be launched by SpaceX


All eyes are on the latest mission of NASA that comprises four crew members and will be the fourth fully qualified ISS crew of NASA that’ll be sent to orbit abroad on a SpaceX vehicle, a company founded by Elon Musk. There are three U.S. astronauts and a European Space Agency personnel, ready to hop on the project, as reported by the sources. The departure is scheduled from Italy and will reach the Space station in 17 hours. Although the buzz is all about whether the mission will be successful, the launch will confirm such details. 

The aircraft consists of a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket which is topped with a Crew Dragon capsule dubbed Freedom. The aircraft is set to depart at 3:52 a.m. ETD from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the four crew members in it. If all goes according to plan, the science mission of six months will begin with the rocket orbiting around 250 miles (420 km) above Earth. The weather conditions are also favourable for such a launch with a 90 percent chance of on-time liftoff. The owner of electric carmaker Tesla Motors, Musk started dealing with the U.S. Space agency astronauts in 2020, which included flying six human spaceflights in the span of two years. 

“Flying safely with a crew means that you’ve got to do it one step at a time,” Kathryn Lueders, associate NASA administrator for space operations said, “We are hoping that you’ll get to see really, really beautiful steps, and we’ll get our crew safely to orbit.” The latest mission has designated four astronauts for it and will successfully be the fourth crew to be sent abroad to orbit on a SpaceX aircraft. The crew members include a board-certified medical physician, Dr. Kjell Lindgren, 49, who will be making his second trip to the ISS and will also rejoin the team. Then comes, the appointed pilot for the mission, Bob Hines, 47, is the U.S. Airforce flight pilot, aviator, and test pilot who will make his Space debut on this mission. 

Some other crew members who are making a debut into the space astronaut club through this mission include Jessica Watkins, 33, a geologist who studied landslides and rocks in the major of her doctorate. She is all set to join the team for ISS’s fourth project, becoming the first American woman to go aboard a long-duration mission. The last Crew is Samantha Cristoforetti, 45, an Italian Airforce jet pilot and an ESA astronaut, who is making her second trip to the space station becoming Europe’s first woman to land this role. 

All the members of the project will be welcomed by seven existing ISS occupants who have already been a part of such a science mission. The event will be followed by a return of the Space capsule, containing other astronauts, just after two days of the former space mission going around with a whirl of recent Astro tourism flights. Space Events are always historic, marking a series of action-filled records that may teach generations about their notable achievements. 


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