Prazinos envisions a Healthy India by making organic food products cost-effective


With the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world has rapidly inclined towards living a healthy lifestyle. People, in general, have shifted towards organic, chemical-free, and natural food products. However, unlike the conventional and traditional farming methods, organic farming has its fair share of challenges that eventually make organic food products expensive. People, despite being willing to go for organic products, restrain from doing so due to high prices. On a mission to alter this and make organic food items more affordable and accessible to the common Indian citizens, Prazinos, a food- tech company has stepped into the market and is emerging as one of the leading players in the segment. 

Based out of Karnataka, Prazinos aims to popularize sustainable organic farming. They also provide cost-effective and top-notch quality organic food products like fruits and vegetables. India is an agriculture powerhouse and has always been called the ‘Land of Farmers’ and around 50% of the population is associated with agriculture. At present, India has become a self-sufficient country and a large success of this is credited to the Green Revolution that started during the 1960s. Currently, conventional ways of farming are dominating the agricultural sector in which the use of chemicals and synthetic pesticides is a common practice. This increases the yield and boosts the speed however, it damages the nutrient aspect of the fruits and vegetables and this is one of the major reasons why people are rapidly drawing towards organic food products.

However, contrary to people’s view, organic farming has a lot of challenges and hurdles which makes the produce cost higher than their counterparts. There are a plethora of reasons why organic food products are a bit hard on the pocket of the consumers and why conventionally produced products are leading the market. Foremost, organic fruits and vegetables grow slowly and remain smaller than conventional ones. Secondly, the loss of crops is also significantly high in the cases of organic food items and they also have a low shelf life. These are a few primary reasons why organic vegetables and fruits are having a low supply in the market and this, in turn, increases the demand and eventually increases the price. Prazinos envisions bringing down the price of these items by seeking to introduce technological advancement to the realm of organic farming.

Talking about the aim of Prazinos, the founder says, “The world has slowly realized the importance of leading a healthy life and this is why people are rapidly shifting towards a healthy lifestyle which also includes consumption of organically produced food items. However, not everyone can afford that due to its high price. We, at Prazinos, aim to take organic foods to every Indian household and we seek to do this through the introduction and deployment of technological advancement. We aim to take our brand to a Pan-India level and make people associate with the consumption of organic food products.”

Moving forward to achieve the goal of the company, Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham, Founders of Prazinos have already commenced its operation in the southern state of Karnataka and hopes to expand its business on a Pan-Indian scale over the next five years. The excellent efforts of their combined team effort have earned them the GTF Bangalore Business Award 2018 for information and technology. 

Prazinos believes that organic food products are a way forward and hence it aims to make India’s grocery budget healthier and more cost-effective.       

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