5 Beautiful Ways To Propose Your Partner On This Propose Day

Propose Day
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The second day of Valentine’s week i.e. 8th February is a Propose day, a perfect day for those who are in love or who have a crush on someone to put their feelings into words. When you are in love, every moment with your special one is beautiful, but when it comes to a proposal, your love would want it to be extra special, and if you manage to say those 3 magical words then there is nothing else that can be better than that.

Here we are providing you with 5 innovative ways to propose your love this propose day:

1) Propose on a big screen

Take your partner to a movie hall, and in the middle of the movie pop up the question on a big screen and bend down on your knee and propose to him/her this will definitely steal your partner’s heart.

2) Propose on an unexpected place

Surprising your partner or crush on his or her favourite place with a ring or rose with bending on your knees, and saying three golden words, there is nothing more beautiful than this.

3) Create an innovative gift

An adorable way to propose to your special one is to create a handmade gift. It should not be huge or expensive, they should be things that you both relate to as a couple. Hide small gifts with clues to reach the next gifts and the last one should ideally lead to a special gift at a special place, in a special setting and that’s when your question should pop up.

4) Pop the question on adventure trip

If your partner is an adventure lover, then take them on an adventure place like river rafting, hiking, river crossing or anything that your partner loves to do, pop the question when they would least expect it in the middle of the adventure activity.

5) Propose at special place which is meant for love 

Proposing your partner at special places which denote the sign of love like Taj Mahal, or if your budget is high then nothing is more beautiful than the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, then a perfect dinner. This will surely give you the perfect memories.

What are you waiting for? plan a perfect proposal day for your love interest and make them feel special.

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