Rose Day 2022: 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Flowers For Your ‘BAE’

Rose Day 2022
Rose Day 2022

Rose Day 2022: Flowers are the most beautiful and important part of everyone’s life. The fragrance and smoothness of their petals gives happiness to our soul. Whether it is a religious or a social ceremony, flowers play a great role, but when it comes to buying quality flowers it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

You can’t do anything if you are buying flowers online, but if you are buying from a shop here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing flowers. 


While purchasing flowers, petals are the most important part to be taken in consideration, they should be fresh. Brown spots or a little dry petal should not be taken for granted while buying them because they can leave a very bad impression. No matter to whom you are offering these flowers, seeing dull and dried flowers can turn anyone’s mood off. 


It is also very important to see that the shopkeeper has kept the stems in water to preserve them. Stems should be wet when you buy flowers and also the buds of the flower should not be fully bloomed when you buy them. So that they are freshly blooming when you give them to someone.

Buy the seasonal flowers

Out of the season, flowers dried up within a few hours but seasonal flowers stay fresh for a long time. So, it is recommended that you go to the shop with an open mind so that you can see what other good options they are offering you. So the best option you have is seasonal flowers. 

Make a personalised bouquet

One should be a little bit creative when you are buying and customising flowers you can include favourite flowers of the person you are buying the flowers for. This will give variety to your bouquet, and don’t forget to choose flowers that contrast each other while customizing the bouquet, this will give your bouquet a beautiful look.

So, these were the few tips you should keep in mind while buying flowers. I hope this will help you buy the best bouquet for your loved ones.

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