Man recieves Compensation of Rs.33 lakh, files lawsuit Against Employer Over ‘Boring Job’


How many of you think that your job is boring? Surely millions of people think that their job is monotonous and very boring. But have you ever thought of suing an employer for the same? Isn’t it surprising?

But this, French luxury perfume maker named Frederic Deshnard was awarded with 40,000 Euros from Interparfums in 2020, because he filed a lawsuit against interparfums, a perfume and cosmetics company for being “bored out”of his $90,000 a year job in 2016, his job was so boring that it drove him to depression and forced him to quit his job.

He had alleged that in 2014, his employer sidelined him from a high profile position. At that time his lawyer Montaser Charni claimed that he went through a state of severe boredom that can lead to depression and illness.

After Frederic Deshnard filed a complaint at a labour relations tribunal, the ruling was upheld by Paris Appeal Court even after lawyers of interparfums said that Frederic had never mentioned anything about his boredom state in his four year of work period, but still the court agreed and said that ‘Bore out’ is considered as a form of harassment and decided to compensate him.

This incident tells about how if a person is not happy and satisfied with his job then they might get depressed and suffer from mental is very important to choose a job of your interest and employers should also appreciate their employees and reward them if they are doing great in their job.

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