Saumy Patel inspiring people through his intiative to promote women hygiene

Saumy Patel,

Saumy Patel, young youth of India, inspiring NGOs of the Nation through
the creative initiative of one million sanitary Napkin distribution initiative
with United First.

17 years old Saumy Patel , a 12th grader , studying in maharaja agresan
vidhyalaya has prop-up an initiative regarding sanitation drive across
country which aims to provide sanitary napkins to underprivileged
women ,in an initiative taken by live to inspire NGO.

Since India is a developing country with lower middle income category,
only 36 percent of Indian women have access or affordability to sanitary
napkins, which affects their health and leads to several disease, and
this tragedy has inspired his decision to take up the initiative to help
achieve the goal of proper hygiene standards in the country.

Women and girls from low-income backgrounds have been facing a
massive menstrual hygiene crisis due to the pandemic. The only source
of sanitary napkins for most school-going girls was from government
schemes that supply them through government schools, which remain
closed amidst the lockdown. Similarly, minimum wage daily labourers
women/migrants workers and those from poor homes are unable to
afford sanitary napkins as they suddenly have no or very less income.
This leads to them using unhygienic methods like paper, rags, etc. This
leads to UTIs and other health problems.

Our aim is to provide immediate relief for menstrual health issues
faced by women who are from low-income groups, in collaboration
with the Live To Inspire, through the distribution of sanitary napkins.
They are also educated about the best menstrual hygiene practices.
COVID-19 has impacted millions of people. The worst-hit are the poor,
migrants, and daily wage workers. There has been a surge in cases &
the situation will only get worse before it gets better. For girls and
women from financially weak backgrounds, the issue is compounded by
the inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene measures. While we take
menstrual hygiene for granted, it is a luxury for them.

The cost of this hygiene kit (including distributing it) is just INR 15 per
month per girl. I request all of you to support my campaign so that we
can also contribute to their well-being in our own small little way. Let’s
come together and do our bit.

Many world peace ambassadors, ministers and social activist are joining
and supporting the cause. This is the first initiative of one of its kind in
India. Founder of United First, Sajan Shah who is a youngest
motivational speaker of India says, Young people like Saumy are the key
example of youth with moral and social responsibilities

Team SL

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