Actress Zareen Khan talks about ‘Online streaming digital platforms popularity’

Zareen Khan

Theatres have been recently opened across a large number of states in India. While quite a few movies are ready to hit the big screen, the others are still launching their dream projects on the OTT (over the top) platform. Perceiving the popularity of digital streaming, many filmmakers and celebrities have been shifting their way from traditional to digital. OTT platforms are not only entertaining the masses in their tough times but also introducing fresh talent among the audiences. 

Actress Zareen Khan also shared the same views on the surging popularity of OTT platforms. The actress said she has always been a fan of online streaming. With the luxury of sitting at home, movie lovers can enjoy their favorite stories with utmost comfort, and a bowl full of popcorn.“Especially from last year, when the lockdown hit. Even the people who had no idea, are all about OTT now. So yes, slowly and steadily, it has become a major source of entertainment for people,” says the 34-year-old. Recently, the actress has made her debut on the OTT platform with her movie named “Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele” 

OTT platforms have been grabbing the attention of people nationwide on a massive scale. Moreover, with the pandemic on the high rise, people have made a change in their priorities. The artist exclaimed, “Now when I talk to people, they don’t show much interest in going to theatres, which is a sad thing. Coming from the entertainment industry, I would love for my films to be released in theatres, so a lot many come there and watch it.”

Film artist Zareen Khan said, “Viewers have gotten very comfortable with the fact that they will watch it on an OTT platform, from the comfort of their homes, since they can also pause and play whenever they want, watch it at whatever time they prefer, with as many people as possible. These online streaming platforms have made things very easy and comfortable for people. It is already a big change,” believes Khan.

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