Taliban advances further, claims to capture major Afghan Cities like Kandahar & Herat


The Taliban on Thursday claimed to have captured Kandahar; the second largest city of Afghanistan. This now just leaves the Capital, Kabul and a few pockets in the hands of the Afghanistan Government.

This, till now, is seen to be the biggest victory for the terror organisation who have already seized 12 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals.

Taking it to Twitter, a Taliban spokesperson on a verified account tweeted “Kandahar is completely conquered. The Mujahideen reached Martyrs’ Square in the city.”

This claim was further backed by a local resident who told the media that Government forces have withdrawn en masse to a military facility outside the city.”

This fall of the city is a major development as the Capital city, Kabul, is now just 150km away from the hands of the Taliban. The interior ministry of the country also confirmed the development raising serious concern as it lies along the Kabul-Kandahar highway and serves as a gateway between the Capital and the southern region which is the militant stronghold. 

The Afghan government has effectively lost their control of most of northern and western region and are left holding a scattered archipelago of contested cities which are also at risk of falling out the terror outfit. The conflict escalated after the Biden administration decided to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan  by Sep 11, determined to end two decades of war 

Thousands of people have been displaced by this conflict that has gripped the country.

A fresh humanitarian crisis is evident as people swamp to the Capital city of Kabul in search of safety. Citizens fear that Taliban will establish a brutal, repressive government with womens having no rights and public executions and stoning being the new norm.

The peace talks between the Government and Taliban are ongoing in Qatar but it is yet to bring any positive breakthrough.

A US military intelligence report suggests that Kabul will succumb to immense pressure from the terror outfit and if the current trends hold, Kabul will fall in a matter of a month.

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