Aayal Gadhavi becomes the Youngest Instagram Influencer with her Brand ‘Aayal’s World’

Aayal Gadhavi

Aayal Gadhavi who is only one and half years old is already making it big on Instagram. Aayal who started her journey on TikTok after her father started posting her cute videos on TikTok and it totally exploded on the platform getting millions of views but after the platform itself got banned, Aayal’s video and pictures have been a constant buzz on Instagram.

Born in Rajkot, Gujarat on December, 2019, she definitely knows how to make it big on the platform and her father has been helping her a lot in stealing the show.

Being consistent on the platform, her posts and stories are a delight to watch. I am sure if you follow her, you will also be inspired to be consistent with your creation game.

Her father, Jikan Gadhavi who is a reputed businessman manages her account and when we talked to him about Aayal’s influence on Instagram, he replied, “Ever since Aayal was born, we have been feeling so happy and lucky. Even seeing her smile feels as if an angel is smiling and she makes our life so complete and beautiful. This is why I decided to take her pictures and upload them on Instagram but within a couple of months, her Instagram account exploded with followers and likes and we decided to keep updating her profile with new pictures and videos.”

If you ask me, why is she famous on the platform, I will tell you one thing and that is she is too much cute and we all know how much we adore someone who is cute and innocence. Only an insane would not like baby pics. We all love watching and scrolling our feed to watch pics and videos of babies and pets.  Aayal’s popularity testifies to do that only.

As of now, she has 11K followers on Instagram and she has been on this platform for only a year now. And for that amount of time, it is surely a great growth.

Aayal has been receiving blessings and love from even the glamour industry now. Last year on December during her first birthday, she received gifts and wishes from many popular celebrities and influencers from Gujarat including singers and actors. One such actor was our beloved Gopi bahu, Gia Manek who congratulated our angel Aayal on her birthday with a beautiful video.

Aayal also has a website to her name to keep us updated called where we can read fashion and clothing blogs and see her photos.

Her father told us, “Aayal has made us proud and she has been really lucky for us. But we just want her to have fun as we click her pictures and uploaded them on Instagram.”

I am sure that she will delight you all with her cute pics and videos and if you are having a bad day, she is the one that you should look at and her pics will melt your heart.

You can follow Aayal on Instagram here.

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