Love is Love proves these 5 amazing same-sex marriage: Pride Month 2021


Every year in June, the world commemorates Pride Month. Even though Section 377 has been repealed in India, the society as a whole continues to encounter challenges, one of which being marriage.

It’s almost as if we’re praising their accomplishments while refusing to grant them basic rights. Despite this, many LGBTQ+ couples have married abroad to demonstrate the strength of love.

Here are those 5 couples breaking the stereotype and ended up having a beautiful same-sex marriage.

1. Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser-Nageshwaran 

 After almost thirty years of friendship, Nageshwaran and her better half married. Their wedding, on the other hand, was exceptionally special because it took place in three different locations. A little civil ceremony in Zürich was followed by a banquet in Delhi and, eventually, a desi Shaadi in Jaisalmer.

2. Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju

Aditya and Amit, an Indian-American couple from New Jersey, married in 2018 and immediately went viral. A huge gigantic traditional Hindu shaadi was also held at a temple in New Jersey.

3. Rachel Shah and Marissa 

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to recognise and honour love. Rachel and Marissa, a same-sex couple, married at Frutig Farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. We can see how their wedding was a mix of cultures in the photos.

4. Sundeep Dosanjh and Sharath Puttichanda

On September 25, 2020, this same-sex couple married in a lovely Sikh wedding ceremony. According to Sharath’s family tradition, they conducted a second wedding the next day. Their wedding quickly went viral.

5. Colin Mascarenhas and Andrew 

Colin and Andrew met in Chicago through a dating app. While the former was an NRI, the latter was deeply rooted in Indian culture, which is how the two souls met. In 2019, the pair married, complete with Mehendi, Haldi, sangeet, English wedding, and more.

These are some of the same-gender LGBTQIA+ weddings that will convince you that love knows no boundaries. We are in the year 2021, and it is past time for India’s laws to make gay weddings lawful. Everyone have a wonderful Pride weekend!

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