Top 10 Most Resilient Entrepreneurs in 2020-21

  1. Sushmitha Gowda : Founder,  Entice and Mirakki

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the way people started to focus on health. Many new e-commerce platforms have emerged over time. Talking about one, Entice ,  a luxury health careand wellness brand innovated by Sushmitha Gowda amid pandemic, aimed at providing a different niche for the audiences, strengthening their immune system.

With people shifting towards organic products, her established brand Mirakki haircare, which is entirely organic, witnessed a massive growth and popularity.Sushmitha invested her time in creating various hair care products. Since then, the team has worked relentlessly to develop different natural products to treat specific hair conditions. Their mission is to become a household name for churning out new recipes. Today, Mirakki stands out as a successful brand in the field of hair care and has expanded its market internationally.

2. Rakshit Mehta: Founder, NanoVeda and Chairman & MD, Euro Alliance SA

Rakshit is an award winning technopreneur with over 2 decades of experience in scouting and commercializing path breaking technologies in the field of advanced mobile communication, IoT, Blockchain, MedTech and Nutra tech. He is currently the Chairman of Euro Alliance S.A. and Founder of NanoVeda.COVID-19 pandemic has put every global business in a very precarious situation, but Rakshit has been able to rise above and beyond this pandemic by capitalizing the pulse of the market and diversifying his portfolio into Nutra tech.  Sensing a huge opportunity in the dietary supplements, immunity booster and nutrition space due to the pandemic situation, he successfully launched his project NanoVeda in a record time of 11 months from ideation to commercialization. The products are in rapid dissolve oral strip formats which are fun, easy to consume, tasty and highly effective.

3. Gautami Agarwal : Founder&CEO, The Skog Sweden

Gautami is the founder of an eco-luxury skincare brand, SKÖG, which started as a small project in her kitchen in Sweden. She decided to move back to India and take SKÖG to the next level which was right before the pandemic started. It has been very challenging for her since the beginning to start and take off the brand, especially with importing ingredients, manufacturing and every nitty gritty of the business but she kept pivoting and moving forward. In a year’s time, she is already selling the brand with some major retailers in India and is expanding the brand in 5 countries in the coming months.

Gautami’s journey started in Paris in the business of fashion and then moved her way to the world of art in Scandinavia taking various businesses global. After working in all major markets worldwide, she is known for her extensive experience and skills in expanding creative businesses globally.

  1. Rahul Sachdeva: Founder, Recode Studios

The Ultimate Marketeer, Rahul Sachdeva is the Co-Founder of Recode Studios, who through his skills brought much acclaimed appreciation to the cosmetic brand. An MBA from Auckland, New Zealand, Rahul has turned heads globally in the cosmetic industry.

Bringing fivefold growth of Recode and turning offline to online gave him the opportunity to show his bravado by capturing the entire domestic market in the industry. Today, Recode Studios has re-established itself as an E-commerce marketplace for all the beauty and wellness needs. Honing his talent to excellence, he helped the brand to become one of the best in the cosmetic market amid pandemic.

  1. Fatema Agarkar : Founder, Agarkar Centre of Excellence

Veteran of 3 educational Startups, Fatema is one of the Top 50 educators picked by EW to redefine education in India in 2019. With more than 2 decades of experience in the domain, she is a dedicated strategist, who has constructively transformed traditional services into revolutionary products that have been well-received by her clients all across. A proven leader and virtuoso, Fatema through her strategic thinking and foresightedness envisions to build more leaders than followers by providing  them with learning opportunities navigating some difficult lockdown conditions seamlessly. Always looking to innovate, Fatema’s strength lies in her positive attitude and foresight, and as a proven leader, she believes in creating more leaders than followers.

  1. Gauthami Balraj: Co-Founder, Mirakki

The journey of Mirakki as a premium hair care brand started out small but led to a commendable success and became an integral part of Gauthami Balraj’s personal success journey as a Co-founder. She has earnestly and honestly put in all the motivation, inspiration, and aspiration into her brand making it a massive success.She has always been ecstatic and more grateful. Gauthami has always loved working with people and solving their problems. She likes nature, traditions, and culture. With Mirakki, she gets to do what she loves doing the most. Even the pandemic didn’t slow her down as she continued to strategize for Mirakki to grow. She was quick to adapt and take control of the pandemic situation by implementing all the safety protocols and safe delivery options making Mirakki resilient. Never give up has always been her mantra. At the same time, she feels humbled to share her success story with others and encourage youngsters to work towards achieving their dreams.

  1. Gatik Bhandari : CEO,Bhandari exportsand Founder, The Burnt Soul

Gatik Bhandari is a young Indian entrepreneur who is redefining his father’s legacy of Indian hand craftsmanship. Gatik started working at Bhandari Exports in 2009 at the young age of 19. Incepted by his father in 1989, Bhandari Exports has now become one of India’s largest handicraft furniture manufacturers and exporters. Sharing his father’s passion for textiles, Gatik diversified into apparel with a textile factory in 2009. In 2017, he started a homegrown fashion and lifestyle brand, The Burnt Soul, a sustainable brand with a blend of culture, heritage and craftsmanship . His next entrepreneurial step is to create more employment opportunities with a furniture retail brand focused on craftsmanship and sustainability. He has a never settle attitude towards life.

  1. Anamika Sengupta : Founder,Almitra Tattva andCo-Founder, Almitra Sustainables

Donning multiple hats, Anamika is a social entrepreneur, an Ecopreneur,a MomPrenuer , known for setting up her business in the most trying times like a Phoenix coming back from ashes. Holding a secure high management position with an IT Giant, she was a victim of getting laid off during her maternity.This shock made her start her own business which was more inclusive and humane. With the same zeal, she set an example of resilience during the Pandemic times where nothing could deter her as her only motto was “ business as usual ‘ as she felt that this was the only thing which could make people feel normal . With this grit as the captain of the ship she sailed her company through the trying times and achieved sales like never before without laying off or deducting salaries of her employees.

  1. Aniruddha Gupta : CEO, Intech Group of Companies

Aniruddha started working at Intech Group from the age of 18, a company his father built and inspires the philosophy for. This belief of creating industry and making Intech a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability across the globe has kept them going through the most difficult times. Starting from 2 employees in 1999, today the company is a leading safety equipment brand in the country. Aniruddha believes in his fathers philosophy of constantly reinvesting in resources and reinventing themselves. Since his joining he has introduced new technologies and ways of working especially modern marketing philosophies realigning the companies mission to deliver the best cost-value ratios to their customers..

  1. Jyoti Narayan : Founder and Creative Director, JOVI Fashion

Born with a creative acumen in the world of fashion, Jyoti Narayan is the Founder and Creative Director of JOVI Fashion. The name comes from the duo who is behind the brand – Jyoti and Vinod. Vinod is the IT head at JOVI.  Recently, JOVI Fashion has celebrated three years of their journey of customer love and appreciation. Ensuring the safety , Jyoti Narayan has assured that during the pandemic which came as a challenge for the industry, the team was divided into smaller groups and were asked to report every alternate day and the ones travelling via other mode of transport were asked to work from home. JOVI started with a spark and the efficacious team didn’t let it douse off during the challenging times.They launched offers to keep the clients happy and satiated with keeping the ball rolling,  emerging as a family of strong employees and satisfied clients altogether.

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