Mayur Gondaliya sets a benchmark for Teamex retail Ltd.


Hailing from a small village from a very normal family, Mayur Gondaliya has always dreamt big, he is one of the main executors of Teamex retail Ltd wherein he has a team of more than 3 lakh people following his guidance.

Teamex retail pushes the usage of Ayurveda where in Mayur Gondaliya says Ayurvedic medicines or products heal your spirit and minds instead of just treating the affected body parts. It is based on the purification of the body in a natural way and the environment created helps remove all toxins and help regain the body’s natural tolerance or resistance from the diseases and help rejuvenate your body and regain your good health.

Further, he adds that Ayurvedic products are a gift of nature to the human being. It is the way of curing all the diseases or issues by being nature friendly. Such products are the most ancient systems of medicines in the world. Ayurvedic medicines are one of the most ancient systems of treatment in India and now spreading globally. Ayurvedic products are now a part of our everyday life. So teamex retail ltd focuses on the same to bring natural change in people’s life and introduce them towards ayurvedic or herbal products which causes no side effects.

They aim at aligning your body, mind and spirit in order to achieve sound health with the usage of natural products.

He has worked so hard in the span of 8 years and especially in the Saurashtra region they have one franchise in every 3 km Mayur Gondaliya wishes to expand usage of Ayurveda through his network marketing company in such a way that people can set their MSI through it and they don’t even need any degrees for it, so for that, they keep on organizing events and various zoom calls looking on to the situation today to give people brief about it.

He has set a benchmark by expanding it along with his team in more than 20 states of India and introducing people towards the good effects of natural and ayurvedic products.

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