Amid Legal battle over privacy, center says WhatsApp users won’t face any issue


The Centre stressed on Wednesday that the procedures proposed by the information technology ministry would not affect Whatsapp’s normal operation if the platform fails to comply with the new criteria, which require the first author of a message to be recognised if required. The ministry particularly highlighted WhatsApp in its appeal to the Centre’s new laws at the Delhi high court, claiming that they breach the right to privacy and the company’s end-to-end encryption policy. This last-minute challenge, according to the administration, was a clear act of disobedience.

The ministry stated that the phrase that caused difficulty for WhatsApp is not the first step. When all other options have failed, only this option will be pursued through a legally sanctioned process.

According to the Centre, penalising those who initiate mischief that leads to crimes such as rape is in the public interest. The government said, “ “We cannot deny as to how in cases of mob lynching and riots etc. repeated WhatsApp messages are circulated and recirculated whose content are already in the public domain. Hence the role of who originated is very important.”

The discussion over whether or not encryption would be maintained is misdirected, according to the government. WhatsApp should develop a technical solution, like as encryption, to ensure that privacy is respected while the government may get critical information to ensure public order and national security.

None of India’s planned measures would have any effect on WhatsApp’s normal operation, and there would be no influence on ordinary users, according to the government.

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