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Education should be done in such a way that what is being delivered is seen as a precious gift rather than a burden. And people who take it as a gift have always succeeded in their life. When you let people discover themselves, especially those who are in need. And leading is the skill of assisting them on their journey of discovery. Sachin Yadav is an educationist and professor who has dedicated his life to educate the impoverished and let them discover their skills.

Many people have been working to improve the lives of the impoverished in recent years. People have been continually working on their own, either through their groups or independently. What everyone lacks, though, is a “smart” approach to help out. Sachin believes that in order to achieve one’s objectives, one must put in a lot of hard work.

He wants to uplift persons who are in need but lack the financial means to receive basic education as the founder of Learniebrain. He’s trying to reach out to a wider audience by spreading his diaspora. He has been advising students both domestically and internationally for over 7 years, and over one lakh students have sought his help and attained their objectives.

A Ph.D. scholar with more than seven years of teaching experience at a range of colleges and universities. He chose to teach everyone in India in order to eradicate illiteracy. With the support of his company, he hopes to raise India’s literacy rate.

Currently, he has a high viewership of  6 lakh 84 thousand for an online session. As a result of his continuous classes on numerous platforms, he has over 1.5 million views across India.

When it comes to education, Mr Sachin says, “Teaching is a gift from God.” I begin teaching to mentor my juniors, but I’m not sure how my hobby becomes a profession.”

He is an educationalist and motivational speaker who shares his thoughts and ideas on education in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and others. In the following months, he aims to host live classes and test series on his platform for those living in small towns and villages in the digital age.

Not only is he beginning this series, but he is also about to begin live workshops for academics and government exam preparation as part of a mission to “Work for Free Education in India.”

For his remarkable service, he also got the Top Educator Award from one of the most prestigious organisations. He also wants to start new enterprises and do things that will improve his company and help more people.

Sachin has been following the lines that the three variables at the heart of education are a desire for imagination, a feeling of truth, and a sense of responsibility. This sets him apart from the rest of the world.








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