The Blazing Moon, a novel filled with thrilling love adventures


The blazing moon-a journey to hell, a mix of thriller and horror by Ekta Sinha is well constructed to keep you hooked till the end. A love triangle but it is more of a thriller than romance. Sapna and Vishal work in different departments of the same office and that where they met for the first time and gradually their relationship changed from being colleagues to lovers. Everything was good. They were just perfect together. But everything changes after the entry of a new employee Nainika into their company. The first half looks like a love triangle but it is not. The second half of the book is quite horrific. The blurb of the book says “the writer wants the readers to enter each ‘hell’ that Nainika goes through during her ‘journey to hell’ and believe it the story is like that.

The Blazing Moon story is a horror, psychological thriller, or something else, can’t be revealed much because the writer wants the readers to enter each ‘hell’ that Nainika enters. She wants them to feel the trauma and the struggle that Nainika goes through during her ‘journey to hell’. You will turn the pages to know what happens next, this is the USP of this story.

Here is an excerpt…

It is raining heavily. Nainika takes her sunglasses off.

The bus stops in front of an old two-story building.

The door of the bus opens and Nainika steps out of the bus. She knows that this is her new destination.

The place looks weird and gloomy. Why she is here?

“Not again!.” She looks at the lane which is flooded with rainwater. She throws her diamond-studded

sunglasses in the mud.

Her branded shoes are in the mud! ‘Yuck,’ the smell is terrible. Drainage is overflowing.

She knows that the game is on!…the game her mind is playing with her.

She is suffering because of her culpability!

About the author (2021)

Ekta Sinha as a writer has carved a niche for herself in the world of writing through numerous anthologies and short stories.

Writing since childhood has been her hobby and passion. She hails from a small town but had not so small dreams, and is currently after so many years pursuing her writing career, her long-lost dream.
Her writing style includes suspense, fantasy, complex emotions, and several strong elements that make her writing effective and immersive for readers of all age groups alike. Her notable works include, “Gubbare” ( an anthology of short stories) and “Kavya Manthan” (a collection of poems)

She graduated in B.A. economics (Hons.)
She currently resides along with her family in Delhi-NCR, India.

Her social media handles include:-

Facebook:- Amazing stories by Ekta Sinha

Instagram:- @writerektasinha

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